Saturday, 1 November 2008

Racing now, and its Winston coming up the Vela's rear

The latest revelations that Winston Peters is on the take from the Vela family and there is now solid evidence to prove that should be no suprise to anyone. After July's Vela payola scandal hit there is more detail out today.

Money was paid to NZ First through former National MP Ross Meurant - who later accepted a job as a policy adviser to Mr Peters, private papers obtained by The Dominion Post show.

Mr Meurant brokered donations from Philip Vela, a senior member of the wealthy Vela family, before the 1999 election, when NZ First was in a coalition government with National, and after that time.

Mr Vela was told by Mr Meurant that he would have an opportunity to frame friendly policy in business areas to which Mr Vela was connected. The Vela family, worth an estimated $180 million, is involved in the fishing and horse racing industries.

The documents show Vela interests gave NZ First $20,000 in 1999 - with a promise of $30,000 more to come.

Some documents have parliamentary letterheads and include notes from a meeting at which Mr Peters said he had saved Vela interests "millions in tax liability". More from

The outcome of the latest revelations for Peters is that probably nothing will happen to him. This is New Zealand, not some sort of straight up democracy that would have Peters sacked and in prison.

His supporters will be galvanised agaisnt the world and blindly vote for him anyway.

But he is a corrupt, lying, two bit criminal and that is always what he will be to most.

The real question of accountability once again goes back to the Prime Minister Helen Clark. 

She has let him keep his position just so she can stay in power and she will keep Winnie close if it means another 3 years of her at the helm.

Pass the banana.

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