Sunday, 9 November 2008

Yesterdays Gone

The position John Key has attained, set against his humble background of welfare and a single parent family should be inspiration alone to all New Zealanders.

His job is a tough one, because of what has gone before, but he looks like he is going to rally New Zealanders behind him as we go forward, first as individuals, that will make the greater society prosper.

Individual achievement, as Key stressed in his victory speech, will make us great again and propel us to greater and greater things and a much brighter future.

Congratulations Prime Minister John Key.

c Political Animal 2008


  1. yes congrats to him and his party, they did well and deserve to win after all their hard work. I think that what makes him a likeable person is that he's been through tough financial times. Didn't he say he was raised in a state house by a single mother? Sounds like he will truly understand what it's like to be without money.

  2. Amy, how aspirational is it for others that come from his background to know that they could be Prime Minister one day.

    He was brought up in a State house and lost his dad very early.