Monday, 19 January 2009

35 year old rapist needs equal justice

The despicable, toxic 35 year old slapper from Christchurch New Zealand who raped a 15 year old boy last year  is now trying to keep her name suppressed to " protect her daughters" who are aged 10 and 15.

Unlike our liberal left, sandal wearing media who would call this a rape if it was a 35 year old man "having sex" with a 15 year old girl, I call what she did to this boy rape rather than "having sex" because the boy is, well, like her own 15 year old, a child and unable to legally give consent.

I choose to emphasize the word legally because this woman broke the law while at the same time the laws of our land treat men and woman offenders differently.

OK, many would counter my own "conservative" stance on this by saying, oh well, its "not the same" with a young boy and an older woman and "most boys that age would be gagging for it".

So whats the problem?

The problem dear readers is that adults, like you and me, are supposed to be looking out for those children around us.

Regardless of any implied or supposed "consent" or "initiation" given by the child.

The fact that the child is below the age of consent is a good indication that getting him to put his dick into you for your pleasure might be the wrong thing to be doing.

Of course the law in New Zealand and other jurisdictions treats the rape of a young boy by an older adult different to the other way around.

It is alot less serious for the older man/younger girl scenario.

Our recent history of women raping young boys and getting away with it has been a sad roll call of desperate women, babysitters, mostly teachers, who have taken advantage of young boys by using their power to get their rocks off.

Lets have some equality in our laws and treat these desperate cows who seek to ruin young boys by raping them the same as the despicable male bastards who get up to  the same thing.

I would love to know the name of this rapist now.

The community, her family, friends and workmates also deserve to know who this sick individual is.

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