Thursday, 15 January 2009

Mad Muslims make Israeli Women move from Cafe

The Turkish Cafe owner who kicked out two Israeli women from his Invercargill cafe simply because they were Israeli had every right to do so.

Wrong headed because he is taking the side of Palestinian murdering terrorists who target innocent civilians, the cafe is nevertheless his and he should be allowed to serve anyone he likes.

Sisters Natalie Bennie and Tamara Shefa were upset after being booted out of the Mevlana Cafe in Esk St by owner Mustafa Tekinkaya.

They chose to eat at Mevlana Cafe because it had a play area for Mrs Bennie's two children, but they were told to leave before they had ordered any food, Mrs Bennie said.

"He heard us speaking Hebrew and he asked us where we were from. I said Israel and he said `get out, I am not serving you'. It was shocking."

Mr Tekinkaya, who is Muslim and from Turkey, said he was making his own protest against Israel because it was killing innocent babies and women in the Gaza Strip. continued at Stuff

JOHN HAWKINS/Southland Times

SHOCKED AND HURT: Israeli nationals Natalie Bennie, left, and Tamara Shefa, with Mrs Bennie's two children Noah, 2, and Ella, 4, were told to leave Mevlana Cafe in Invercargill because they were from Israel.

JOHN HAWKINS/Southland Times

TAKING A STAND: Mevlana Cafe owner Mustafa Tekinkaya, left, with family and friends.

Forget for a moment that if it was a Palestinian refused service there would be violent protests from mad Muslims and hangers on.

The moronic Human Rights Commission doesn't think the owner has the right to refuse service but they are hard to work out at the best of times.

Where is John Minto this morning?

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