Thursday, 8 January 2009

Pro murder protestors blinded by ignorance and hatred for the West

While rockets from mad Muslim Palestinians target innocent Israelis in schools, buses and their homes, ignorant fools such as John Minto and Keith Locke from the Green Party protest to support this sort of in discriminant killing and terrorist acts by picking on an innocent Israeli, Shahar Peer, a participant in the 2009 ASB Tennis Classic in Auckland, New Zealand.

If these haters of the Western way of life detest our culture so much and are willing to support mad Palestinian child killers then let me be the first to tell them to fuck-off and go and join their mad Muslim comrades in the Gaza Strip.

These people are dangerous, they don't fit in here and are ignorant of the facts of what has happened in the Middle East in the past and what is happening currently.

Similar protests worldwide wallow in similar ignorance and are blinded by their hatred for the West and all it stands for.

Shahar Peer lost her match against Russian top-seed Elena Dementieva and the rent a crowd shouting crap from outside Stanley Street certainly didn't help her case.

They wanted Shahar to withdraw from the tournament.

She will be back next year so good on her for standing up to the senseless bullying.

Shahar Peer in action today at Stanley St, against world number 4, Elena Dementieva.

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  1. Fully agree. It's a shame for New Zealand to have such ignorant odious politicians as John Minto and Keith Locke.

  2. Unfortunately we have the moronic non-thinkers that follow these dipsticks and their bizarre way of non-thinking.