Friday, 27 February 2009

Dipshit of the Week: Rob Fyfe

We really have a doozy this week and I am hopping mad.

CEO of failing Kiwi airline Air New Zealand, Rob Fyfe has been meddling in politics this time, giving financial advice to John Key about tax cuts.

The package is solely aimed at middle and high-income Kiwis, and Mr Fyfe says that won't help save jobs in any sector.

"You need to target your initiatives into the areas you get the best bang for your buck," says Mr Fyfe.

Fyfe wants the money to go to those who "would spend it" not those who earned it in the first place-Labour agrees of course.

This A-Grade, economy class knuckle dragger thinks our long awaited tax cuts should be ditched!

Kiwis seem to forget it is because the previous Labour Government doled out more than 1 billion of taxpayer moola to failed companies like Air New Zealand and free money to students, working for families, etc, etc that we didn't get tax cuts much earlier.

Air NZ even boasts that they still have $ 1.4 billion dollars in the bank.

It is our money!

This brain dead socialist wants taxpaying workers to forgo getting their money back just so he and other Government knukkle draggers can play Airport 2009 with our money?

Fuck off back to Stalingrad Fyfe.

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Friday, 20 February 2009

Dipshit of the Week: Joris De Bres

The clash of moronic stupidity vs unmovable pig headed ignorance doesn't make for a pretty outcome but that is what happened this week when the full bizarreness of political correctness collided in a damp stain on your grey matter when The South African Rugby Union has refused to put up their Springboks against the Maori All Blacks in a friendly game of Rugby.

Those Jaapies are saying that they wont play a racially selected team and that is fair enough, the Maaaori All Blacks have to be Maaaori, but they are forgetting to put their best chromosomes forward when thinking over this dilemma because their own team is racially selected because there has to be a quota of black fellas.

Oh how the brain hurts!

But don't worry, Joris De Bres, New Zealand's Race Relations Commissioner, former Black & White Minstrels member and part-time cake decorator takes this torment in his big hands and gives it the required bureaucratic squeeze in a letter to the SA Rugby Union.

Joris opines thusly:

As New Zealand's Race Relations Commissioner I appreciate why such a policy would have been adopted, particularly because of the racial discrimination in sport that existed in South Africa under apartheid.  However, there is no such discrimination in New Zealand: people of all ethnic backgrounds are eligible to play in New Zealand's national, regional and local representative teams, and alongside that, consistent with the principle of freedom of association, people are free to play together in any other combination.

The New Zealand Maori rugby team has a proud history in New Zealand and has the support of the community as a whole. He goes on...and on...

Joris ignores the fact that the South African National team is racially selected (this time whites are excluded) and that the Maaaori All Blacks exclude white folk.

Didn't we have riots over this in the 1980s?

You would also find that this issue would split opinion country wide, so no consensus and therefore support exists.

The intellectual rigor that leads the former silly putty manufacturer down this garden path ends up making further mockery of his mock position as NZ's "Race Relations" Commissar and calls into question his usefulness.

There is always his former Black & White Minstrels job to go back to I suppose.

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Wednesday, 18 February 2009

TV3 News Political Poll: 18 Feb 2009

The bad news for the hapless and hopeless Phil Goff continues.

In the latest TV3 news poll National trumps Labour by a country mile and the former Prime Minister, Helen Clark is Labour's preferred leader!!

The poll provides clear evidence that National voters backed a winner in November and that Labour voters are moving their allegiances to National-as they started to do on election night.

At 60 percent in tonight's poll, National's rating is the highest ever recorded by 3News.

So we asked voters what they thought of Key and National's performance over the first three months in Government.

64 percent say it has been strong or very strong.

Just 4 percent say has been weak.

In the crucial leadership traits, 85 percent consider Key a capable leader - that has rocketed up.

75 percent say he would be good in a crisis, up significantly.

And 77 percent back his judgement.

The only question that still remains is just how long Goff can remain as the Labour leader?

Not long judging by his non-performance thus far.

The Labour knives are being sharpened as we speak.

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Repeal of Electoral Finance Act rekindles democracy

The repeal of the filthy little Electoral Finance Act that stopped free speech was passed yesterday in parliament and now we can all talk freely again in an election year without the threat of some Government stooge breathing down our necks.

Those of you who protested against it, well done, and those of you that voted for it or still support it (like the Greens) should go and live in Zimbabwe.

No surprise that Labour voted to repeal the Act because it helps the incumbent Government, now National , to stay in power.

A new law will be passed closer to election 2011 and this time it will have citizen input and contributions and agreement from all parties in Parliament.

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Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Cindy Kiro's stance on Youth Justice lacks punch

Cindy Kiro, the pointlessly useless Children's Commissioner has whipped herself into a lather (that has got to be illegal!) over Nationals plan to to something about some of our moronic, wasted youth by putting them in "boot camps".

Tougher, longer sentences have not deterred criminals and all the evidence suggests initiatives that are punitive, employ shock-tactics, or use corrective training as the basis for reforming young offenders are largely ineffective.

"The most effective ways of reforming child and youth offenders focus on addressing the issues in their lives rather than just dishing out punishment. Reform comes from teaching them new skills for addressing their problems. "The hype around escalating serious youth offending and alleged public concerns about unsafe communities is not supported by data. The figures have stayed quite steady for the past 10 years.

Ciro underplays the seriousness of the problem and ignores the fact that "tougher sentences" are not being applied at all, in fact quite often young offenders do not get punished or get made to takes responsibility at all and that is the problem we are talking about here.

Kiro's stance is yet more evidence that she is out of touch, ignorant of the facts and not doing her job properly.

c Political Animal 2009

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Promise of Bailout bad omen for taxpayers

Seems John Key is a socialist in drag:

Prime Minister John Key has signalled that the Government could step in as a last resort to prevent renowned whiteware maker Fisher & Paykel from collapsing.

F& P have been ripping kiwis off for 75 years with overpriced poorly made whiteware and now taxpayers could be bailing it out because of its bad management.

This is something Labour would have contemplated so is clearly the wrong thing to do.

I own shares in Sky City Entertainment and they employ 5000 people, more than 3 times of those working at F & P.

Would they bail Sky City out?


Dumb Johnny dumb, let the company fold. 

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Saturday, 14 February 2009

Anti PC Hero: Murray Deaker

I have started a regular series called Dipshit of the Week and realise it is negative. The two previous winners of that were Greenpeace and Bob Harvey.

Many of the dipshit awards will be for PC nonsense.

This first in a positive series of Anti PC Hero will be awarded by my good self for individuals and groups who go beyond the call of duty, in the face of unpopularity, with the mung bean eating, tree hugging, whale loving, hairy arm pitted, homo/Lesbian, Maaaori worshipping, Labour/Green voting, kaftan wearing, chardonnay drinking, Prius driving, Global Warming loving, Al Gore types, who try to wipe the floor with their own form of Anit-PC Wet and Forget.

The inaugural winner is Murray Deaker, for risking the ire of his fellow broadcasters and those in the media who will give him hell over the next few weeks for employing Tony Veitch on one of his Sky TV sports shows this Wednesday.

What Veitch did or did not do certainly didn't deserve the treatment he has been handed out by his former employer TVNZ ,the rest of the PC media and the chromosome defficient Ugly Wimins movement.

I'm no big fan of his, I think he is a brain dead moron, but he deserves to work and Deaker is a pure saint for allowing him to.

Good on ya Deaks.

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CSPAN: House & Senate Pass Final Version of 2009 Stimulus Bill (Full Debate & Transcript of Bill)

There is no accounting for stupidity but the Democrats have just passed the final version of the latest US "stimulus" package. Just like the last one it will not work but will in fact make things worse in the future.

Nevertheless, it is an important bill and should be given at least a cursory glance by most of us. Americans and outsiders as well.

It will effect us all.

Here you will find both debates on Video and full text of the bill. Links are below the following video.

Read/Watch it and weep.

Senate debate on Stimulus Bill

House & Senate Pass Stimulus Bill

The House and Senate passed H.R. 1, the $787 billion economic stimulus bill. It now moves to the President, where he is expected to sign it early in the week.
Washington, DC

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Friday, 13 February 2009

Graffiti Crimes

A lot of people would strongly agree with me on the following and just as many would strongly disagree.

That doesn't matter, this is my opinion.

Today's decision in the Auckland High Court to sentence Bruce Emery to four years in jail for killing Pihema Cameron last year leaves most thinking people wondering is there any justice in this world.

When an individual such as this poor young 15 year boy is routinely out early in the morning getting high, drinking and destroying property, you have to wonder where his parents are.

When he is dead at 15 from the consequences of his own actions suddenly there are fingers of blame being pointed at everyone but those truly to blame-his parents and himself.

A poor innocent 50 year old mans reputation is ruined, a family in disarray and financially destroyed and he surely cannot return to his neighbourhood for threat of his safety.

It could well have been Emery's life taken instead of the boys, just like half a dozen people who died in the same area shortly before this case, some by the hand of teenage Maori boys.

Emery's sentence was far too tough.

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Editorial Reviews

About the Author 
Lee Barnard is a Police Officer in Southern California with over 13 years experience. He has worked as a Gang Officer, a Detective, Field Training Officer, and a Weaponless Defense Instructor. He has interviewed in excess of 750 Graffiti Vandals clearing over 6,800 cases of graffiti. This has given him an insight into the Graffiti sub-culture. Understanding and Investigating Graffiti is the first book to cover the entire process of the legal system involving graffiti starting with the history of graffiti. The book leads you through the reading of graffiti, locating the vandal, the arrest and prosecution of the vandal, and lastly the types of punishment for the vandal. Anyone who is tired of viewing the eyesore known as graffiti will be interested in this book.

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Democracy at work: Electoral Finance Act almost gone

Those of you who took the time to March against the Electoral Finance Act in 2007 and last year it is time to pat yourselves on the back (sound of me typing with one finger).

This law was the biggest affrontery against democracy since Labour ditched the Privy Council and before that hater of freedom, we all know who she is, ditched the anti-smacking referendum because she didn't want to lose an election.

We now have the leader of that protest movement John Boscowan, in Parliament and Labour retreating, again, in the face of another one of their laws biting the dust.

It is clear that they still don't get the reasons for their landslide loss last November and this is as far as David Parker, former minister of the fantasy post of "Climate Change" is willing to concede:

"So we do concede that there are imperfections with the existing law, that it did produce an overly complicated regime, that it can be improved."

That is putting it mildly.

What the EFA did was cause confusion, stifle debate to almost silence and lead to Labour breaking their own law because they thought, as usual that they were above it.

Again, congratulations marchers.

We won!

* I thought the picture was appropriate, if not a little gratuitous, but hey I'm a sucker for a pretty face.

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Thursday, 12 February 2009

Cspan Channel: Live & Recorded Video

Watch the Cspan Channel Live here on Political Animal.

Keep up to date with live political analysis, speeches from the President, debates in the house and Senate.

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Dipshit of the Week: Greenpeace

Yes it had to happen.

The fantasy that is "climate change" has been blamed for the devastating Australian bushfire's.

Some of our Green politicians will no doubt share the same view as their heroes in Greenpeace but this weeks dipshit award lays squarely on Greenpeace and their fantasy religion of climate change.

Scientists began warning some years ago that Australians should expect fires of a new ferocious order care of climate change.

The threat of climate change is real and serious. And the unfortunate truth is that unless the world takes strong action on climate change immediately, natural disasters like the Victorian bushfires, and the floods in Queensland, will become more frequent. NZ Greenpeace Blog

Really, using politics(the climate change movement is political NOT environmental) as an excuse for people dying is not only a slap in the face for those who died horrible deaths but it is simply a fallacy and hides the fact that the green movement is partly to blame for the Victorian fires and the deaths that followed.

The green movement in Victoria and other states has stopped the clearing of trees around houses that has provided the fuel for these fires, in fact the green movement have even required that trees be planted! An article in The Australian by David Packham, a former supervising meteorologist for fire weather nationwide at the Bureau of Meteorology point this out.

Greenpeace deserve condemnation.

Their interference in peoples lives has caused more death and it just goes to prove the irrelevance and dangerousness of their lunatic ideas has once again hit home.

Green voters, the New Zealand and Australian Green Party and especially Greenpeace have blood on their hands


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Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Key keeps his head while others channel Chicken Little

Nothing could be more appropriate than to say about John Key but "right man right time".

Key's financial and business experience is shining through.

The cool head approach that National are pursuing in relation to the current financial crisis is in stark contrast to the Labour Chicken Little's in opposition who are bleating to rush in poorly planned stimulus packages that simply will not work.

We all know that the US bank bailout from late last year didn't work. Obama is passing a new one in 2009. The first one wasn't planned and was rushed.

Labour playing politics with the current economic situation is nothing but more of the same petty schoolboy tactics that sent New Zealand into recession almost a full year before everyone else.

For Labour to say National must be shouting its "stimulus" intentions from the rooftops to reassure the populace is politics for the brain dead and most of us have one thank you very much.

It should be bloody obvious that National are taking the current crisis seriously.

They are taking action rather than talking. Cutting back frivolous spending that Labour has introduced (like fruit baskets daily for all MPs! and a long embarrassing list of other waste) is evidence of that and there will be more considered action introduced as the days, weeks, months and years of this crises play out.

John Key is in his element, he looks comfortable, confident and in Parliament today got the better of the opposition.

He stands out here head above shoulders from other world leaders.

Thank god New Zealand voted him in, the alternative would have been scary.

And catastrophic.

c Political Animal 2009

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Thursday, 5 February 2009

Piece by piece, Nanny State is being dismantled

The removal by National of the Labour Party requirement for schools to be the food police is poetry to the ears and sending exactly the right message to pupils, teachers and parents.

Hopefully it is just the beginning of the end for the nanny state Labour so carefully engineered for us over the last 9 years.

It is the right and responsibility of the parents to give their children the right food, not lefty pollies, some of whom are too fat to move, let alone rub two braincells together in order to figure out that they are not surrogate parents to every man woman and child in our country.

This is the kind of warped thinking that the left specialise in: piece

Ms Kedgley said that arguing the children would still buy the products elsewhere was "a nonsense".

"Teenagers can buy cigarettes at the local dairy, but that doesn't mean we should allow them to sell them at school. NZ

A pie is hardly a cigarette Sue.

Bugger off, crawl into a sow crate and look after your own family, mine is fine.

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Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Labour's Legacy Lingers like a Lefty Leper

From the 2 billion in the hole that they left the ACC in, toady's power cuts -and more to come -from under investing in infrastructure, profligate spending by Government departments, tortured dead babies and a whole host of other crimes and not so mis-demeanour's, they just keep re-surfacing like that bad smell in the car that you just cant find.

Their regular law-breaking is another story.

Labour's mistakes are set to haunt us for a while yet.

While we haven't yet seen the worst of their last nine years surface, moves by the National Government so far have been in a good positive direction and will return some commonsense and positive direction for New Zealanders.

National Ministers who have already cut back on wasteful spending, administered failing schools and sacked useless health mangers have done well and sent the right message to the public-we ain't gonna waste your money-lets hope they continue.

Nice change.

Part of the stimulus package out today that gives tax breaks for business and yesterdays relaxing of the officious RMA law (a law that stopped power sector development) are a good start.

More careful planning is being done to tackle the current global recession and the economic mess that Labour left behind and calls by Phil Goff to spin meaningless rushed babble in the media to calm the masses is highly irresponsible-remember loose Labour talk on Telecom and Auckland Airport losing stockholders money?

Economic policy at this time must be planned well and targeted in the right way.

Spraying taxpayer cash around hoping that some of it sticks is no longer an option.

The rescue package rushed through Congress last year didn't work because it wasn't thought through carefully.

National is moving fast to obliterate the last 9 years of waste, lies, criminal behavior and plain arrogance and I have never seen a government move so rapidly before.

Lets hope they can make Labours last 3 terms a distant memory.

Good on ya Johnny.

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Monday, 2 February 2009

Dipshit of the week: Bob Harvey

In this first of a series we take a look at those individuals whose achievements(or lack thereof) might score themselves a first place in the Darwin awards.

In this first instalment we look at that useless smelly pile of ratepayer sucking, evil lefty dung-hole, Mayor of Westieland, one Bob Harvey.

Apart from his whole career at his local council sucking on the ratepayer tit and spending rate money like a drunken gay sailor on "P" Bobby has lately been making a name for himself by spending millions on a failed attempt at an airport that nobody wanted, on the North Shore of Auckland, swimming naked for a dare and cooking bacon while drying salami on his teenie tiny wiener (I made the last part up).

The reason why this black hole gets the dip shit of the week award is that he thinks his achievements rate him another handsome pay rise this year:

"I consider myself grossly underpaid for the work I do 24 hours, seven days a week," he says.

"MPs get a lifetime pension when they retire, yet when I finish I won’t get a thing, even though I’ve done 16 years in local government. It’s grossly unfair."

The fact that the world is in a financial crises seems to have passed him by but it is probably no surprise to most because he would have to get his head out of his arse to see what was going on in the real world.

Furthermore this evil, greedy little lefty doesn't think his massive growing staff at the council should limit their salaries this year like we are all having to.

Its "grossly unfair"?

Yes it is, Waitakere ratepayers should get their money back.

Congratulations Bob, you are the inaugural Political Animal Dip shit of the week.

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Sunday, 1 February 2009

Winston's Big Black shame

So Winston Peters has been milking the taxpayer to the last minute over his ministerial self-drive car, so what else is new, he has been stealing from the taxpayer for his whole political career. was proving a rather useful shopping trolley for his partner. Jan Trotman, with whom he lives in Auckland, used the Ford Territory to get to coffee dates and the post shop... NZ Herald

In 2008 he got away with numerous thefts, misappropriations, bribes and payola scandals related to just the last 5 years or so.

He is still to pay back $158,000.00 stolen from the taxpayer to fight the 2005 election.

At least he is consistent.

Pass the banana.

c Political Animal 2009