Saturday, 21 March 2009

Bashing Obama for joke retarded

I'm not the worlds greatest Barack Obama supporter, in fact I think he is an evil greedy little socialist control freak, but be that as it may he certainly doesn't deserve the borax thrown at him by his own sensitive PC freak supporters for having a joke at his expense.

In an appearance Thursday night on "The Tonight Show With Jay Leno," President Barack Obama made a joke about his lackluster bowling skills by saying: "It was like Special Olympics or something." Kanzas

But the comment caused an immediate stir in Washington and around the nation.

For Christ sake he is a well know supporter of the special Olympics and for people from all political sides to critique him for this is nothing short of brain dead moronity.

When is saying what is on your mind some sort of crime! do we want the prominent people to sanitise what they say and not say what they really mean?

Hell no!

With politicians we get enough of the flim flam, bullshit and political speak, this is the first time Obama has looked human in his political life!

No well written empty of content speeches to hide his true self and agenda.

Give him a break and let him become the man he really is.

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