Monday, 23 March 2009

"Crunchy the Clown" Andrew William's drunken joke

"I represent the people of North Shore and the best interests of my citizens". Andrew Williams, North Shore Mayor.

I voted for Andrew Williams, the Loony Mayor of Auckland's North Shore, because he promised to focus on cutting costs to ratepayers and bringing an open an honest way of operating the council.

Not only are we going to get a another massive hike in rates this year but Andrew and his mates have been busy spending millions on buying beach front houses to "make parks", putting in swing bridges in Castor Bay at the bottom of his street at the cost of half a million, spending up large on food and alcohol for himself and councilors and allowing private contractors to increase their bills on Council works projects when quotes were given at a set price.

The latest money wasting exercise is William's use of over $1300 of ratepayer money (see video below) to buy private label wine at 18 bucks a bottle to give to political allies and friends.

The wine is labeled "Stop Banks" and is a reference to John Banks and his advocacy for a "Super City" for Auckland, which Williams is against because he wouldn't stand a shit show of getting anywhere near being elected, because the guy is barking.

William's priorities are wrong, he has broken most of his pre-election policies and this latest scandal should surely mean he falls on his highly paddled arsehole and give the Mayoral chains to someone who has respect for the office of Mayor and the ratepayers who have paid for his grand schemes and this latest little tawdry muck fest.

William's Mayoral term thus far has been mired in controversy, arrogance, paranoid rantings, stupidity and downright nuttiness at times.

I am truly ashamed that I voted for this mad prick. I wish I could take my vote back.

Tell Crunchy what you think of his disrespectful ways at  Dont be nasty just state your opinion forcefully.

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  1. I thought that I might bring this vacancy for a Mayor to your attention.

    Cape York in Noth Queensland is one of the largest electorates, geographicly speaking in the World.
    The CEO of Cape York requires a Mayor and because of the difficulty in holding a postal ballot the CEO
    has been given statuatory power by the Federal Government to appoint a suitable candidate to the position.

    Some of the requirements for the job as Mayor are:

    The person must be a male. the more abrasive & impetious the better. Intelligence is not an issue.

    The successful candidate is empowered to redocorate his office. Leather lounge suites would not be a problem.
    The purchase of Pohutukawa painting s and even paintings of Gum trees would be OK.
    The Mayors office bar will be well stocked and bottled oxygen installed for panic attacks.

    Coinsiderable leeway will be given to abberational peronal behaviour because of the isolation factors.
    Eg Decking Ambulance officers after getting totally pissed will be overlooked.

    Telling Journalists and political bloggers that they are mental and demented will be encouraged as the publicity will raise the
    Cities profile

    Spending $1,500.00 of Ratepayers money on " Stop Banks" wine would be OK so long as it was shared with the Postmaster and other City officials including the Town School teacher, who also writes the local rag.

    Ideally, the role of the Mayor here would be to alienate half of the Councillors and generally kick the pooh out of them
    so the Councillors will focus entirely on personality rifts and attacks, leaving the towns CEO a clear runway to operate on.

    A prestigous International recruiting agency has researched candidates throughout the Southern hemisphere
    and has chosen Andrew Williams Mayor of NSCC as the most suitable person for this job.



  2. This guy is an effini idiot. Keep up the good work

  3. Thanks for the support you two. If you live on the shore the best thing to do is vote him out October 2010.