Friday, 27 March 2009

Herald On Sunday to publish Andrew William's Expose'

An article will be coming out in the Herald on Sunday about North Shore Mayor Andrew William's recent and historical shenanigans with his constituents and other individuals and groups that have had the unfortunate opportunity to meet with him.

It is being written by Heather McCracken. 

She has asked me a few questions about that email and is currently trying to get hold of the great one on his cycle trip around the South Island (we on the Shore are grateful he has gone) to get his views about why he is so unpopular.

It is to be published either this week or next.

If you have any input you would like to add to the article I am sure Heather would like to hear from you, especially if you are a 'Shore boy(okay or girl) like me.

As Heather pointed out to me, it seems strange, given Williams very vocal opposition to the "Super City" plan that he would be absent from his post when the news came out that this plan is going ahead.

Kinda nutty if you ask me.

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