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Leftist Economic shell games: A letter to the Editor

The Rant:

The following is from the Mesquite Local News in Nevada, in the letters to the editor page and written by one Richard N. Suter an 80 year old plus retired pilot.

It is well worth a read because it explains the blame for the current global financial mess so well and so fully.

Politicians mostly from the left in American caused this and Wall Street naturally climbed on board.

He rightly fears for his America in the hands of the insane socialists now in power and one wonders how we might expect things to get better because they are now doing what was done to get us in this mess in the first place but to the power of 10.

What is different to Bernie Madoff's shell game and Obamas?

Obama's is much bigger and the mess will be felt for generations.

The Letter:

Defending The Rich

(Letter to the Editor) 03-20-2009

I very much enjoy the Mesquite Local News.

But I have to question your tirade against the rich.

Sam Walton took an idea and built a phenomenal empire.

Bill Gates did the same.

Prior to my retirement in this lovely town, I worked as a corporate pilot for twenty five years.

I rubbed elbows with Warren Buffett in the hangar in Omaha as he deplaned, carried his own bags to a several year old Lincoln and drove to a fairly modest home.

I flew Tom Watson (IBM blue) to Eagle, Colorado.

These folks, and the multi-millionaire that employed me provided quite a few jobs, sir.

I also have carried Senator John McCain, Senator Chuck Hagle and others I can't remember as my personal responsibility.

As a retired USAF fighter pilot, I respect Senator McCain's service.

Several squadron mates and friends were privileged to serve with him in those "difficult times."

But in the course of this discussion, neither of them, nor many others in government have created a real job.

Sure, they have guaranteed pay raises, the very best health care, a short work week/month/year, and very seldom retire in poverty.

Now, if I were to pick on a gang to pillory, I would look to Foggy Bottom.

Let's start with Jimmy "Malaise" Carter, signatory to the CR(a)P, (may have mis-spelled that; could have been the CAP), lowering lending standards, coercing risky loans.

Who aided and abetted this foolishness?

Why, non other than B.J. Clinton.

Fast forward to Barney Frank, who assured us less knowledgeable that Fannie and Freddie were in great shape.

And then came the Mad Marxist with his litany of change.

And Biden.

And Pelosi.

This is the best we can do?

Well, change we got.

Hubris, banality, venality, mendacity and plain damn lies.

Almost daily I see the 21st century version of Joseph Goebbels stuttering, er, and, ah, but, stumbling his way through a "press conference."

Now I have my version of penalties for the gang.

You are far too cruel.

Bernie Madoff is going to reside in a 7.5x 8 foot Manhattan government subsidized condominium.

Please take my share of the "bailout" money, construct about 150 more of these, provide free orange jumpsuits for the criminal class in Congress, and I will die a happy old man, devoid of most of my investments, 30 or 40 percent of the value of the home I will pay for every month, and the extra money me and the missus have after groceries, gas, health care and gambling.

On second thought, let's get out the guillotine.

I am sick to death of these pissants.

My very best wishes that you may become wealthy in your endeavors.

I can only be glad, that now well into my 80th decade, I will not be around to see this great country fail.

-Richard N. Suter

Mesquite, Nevada

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