Thursday, 26 March 2009

North Shore Council Lawyers pay a Visit

Further to email correspondence from Andrew Williams yesterday it appear that he is wasting yet more council money in asking lawyers to have a look at the article written below (it includes said email) to presumably try and take some action to shut me up.

The Law firm, Burton & Co, don't come cheap so there goes another grand or two of ratepayer money:

New Zealand ( [Label IP Address]

Well, it isn't his money so I guess it is OK?


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  1. Ah no. Burton and Co are not allied to Andrew Williams in any way.

    In fact, you might say the opposite was the case.

    (I have nothing to do with Burton and Co, but "I just know!")

  2. They are definitely lawyers and they only looked at this article.

    You are saying they were looking at his email to see if they could catch him out on something?

    If true who would have asked?

  3. The person looking at the article is not a fan of Andrew Williams, and does not represent the North Shore Council in legal services. I am 90% confident of this.

  4. Care to give me a not so subtle hint?