Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Sacking of Bureaucrats makes good financial and Practical sense

The sacking of various State lackies  in completely unproductive positions by the new National Government may seem callous in this time of economic crises but it actually makes sound financial sense in addition to the practicalities of getting more knuckle daggers off the taxpayer tit.

These pen pushers and paper shufflers, most of who earn way above the average wage for doing nothing would save thousands of dollars per year per employee if sacked and returned to the dole queue,where they might hopefully gain employment in something that produces economic value.

It is a great way to save money during this recession. $200 per week on the dole vs a couple of grand of taxpayer money via wages is economic brilliance.

If you cant see the merits of this you are either a socialist loser, a Labour Party voter (or both) or simply have problems with maths.

Drop off 10000 State dependants and we are talking billions saved. 

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