Monday, 29 June 2009

Smacking/Anti Smacking Referendum

I must just put a plug in for voting in the Anti Smacking/Smacking Referendum that kicks off July 31.

Everyone should vote if they have an opinion on this subject, regardless of what that opinion might be, it is your democratic right to have a say even if the arrogant John Key says he will ignore the outcome of the referendum.

The referendum question is very clear, ” Should a smack as part of good parental correction be a criminal offence in New Zealand?” if you think a smack is OK you vote No, if you think a smack is not OK you vote yes.

Most people agree that the question is simple even though there has been much malarkey raised to try and confuse the issue.

This blog and myself support a no vote because I don't like the way good parents are being undermined and bad parents are getting away with beating and killing their kids.

Vote wisely.

Additional Info : From the Referendum site

How to vote

A Citizens Initiated Referendum on the question” Should a smack as part of good parental correction be a criminal offence in New Zealand?” runs from Friday 31 July until Friday 21 August.  Read more »

When to vote

Voting in the referendum runs from Friday 31 July until Friday 21 August.  Read more »

Going to be overseas?

If you have provided an overseas postal address with your enrolment details your voting paper will be sent to you directly. If you are overseas or your voting paper is sent to your New Zealand address you will need to arrange for your voting papers to be forwarded on to you.  Read more »

The result

The preliminary result of the referendum will be announced after 7.00pm on Friday 21 August.  Read more »

What is a citizens initiated referendum?

A Citizens Initiated Referendum gives everyone who is enrolled the opportunity to vote on a specific question.  Read more »

Frequently asked questions

Questions and answers about the referendum on the question "Should a smack as part of good parental correction be a criminal offence in New Zealand?"  Read more »

2009 Referendum

A Citizens Initiated Referendum on the question” Should a smack as part of good parental correction be a criminal offence in New Zealand?” runs from Friday 31 July until Friday 21 August.  Read more »

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Aaron Bhatnagar Nuts off, Again

Further to the personal attack from local politician directed towards me over my mild criticism of his distasteful attack on a dead person, Michael Jackson in this particular case, Aaron Bhatnagar has another go on his blog, this time during office hours, on ratepayer time .

He makes a reference to a website put up by someone with distasteful, slanderous stuff written about me, putting my family in danger because he asks people to look at it, because it contains information that shouldn't be on the net and simply isn't true.

Is this the sort of individual that should be representing you, causing trouble for a fellow Aucklander?

In my opinion we need higher standards for our Pollies and Aaron just doesn't fit that bill.

I will let you be the judge of that dear reader.

This will be the end of the matter, as I dont want to give Aaron the attention he so clearly lacks.

c Political Animal 2009

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Aaron Bhatnagar Nuts Off

It is hard to get good, upstanding representation from our politicians these days.

National, and especially local, and from all political colours, we seem to be dragging the bottom of the barrel when it comes to governance.

If it isn't Andrew Williams, Mayor of the North Shore, spending ratepayer money like a drunken sailor, with his own ratepayer funded wine, we have Mayor Banks across the bridge trying to outdo him by digging up perfectly good footpaths in the CBD again and spending 80 million bucks "turning sidewalks into roads", while he has well and truly broken his 2007 election promises by promising to use truckloads of ratepayer moola on the 2011 Rugby World Cup.

One of John Banks disciples, Auckland City Councillor Aaron Bhatnagar, appears to be fitting the mold (or should that be mould) when it comes to the stereotypical machinations of local politics.

Aaron is one of those councillors behind the push to build a multimillion dollar shed shaped like a shoebox on the Wynyard Wharf for the wealthy cruise ship set, instead of a world class public space or building, on one of the best harbour sites in the world- don't we just love the Sydney Opera House and its public surrounds.

Anyway Aaron has adventurous activities online, he nutted off yesterday:

This email exchange yesterday between yours truly and Aaron after he made tasteless jokes about Michael Jackson's death on his facebook page.

Only his replies are quoted because he has removed me from his Facebook friends after I told him to bugger off and my comments have been removed.

I basically started off saying he was being tasteless joking about the death of someone and joking about anyone's death is a pretty low thing to do. I wasn't abusive at all.

Here were his replies:

1."Grow up Darren, it was a very mild tongue in cheek comment based on one of his more famous songs. I've seen some pretty repulsive jokes about MJ, usually involving allegations of sex abuse by Jackson, so what on earth is your problem?"

When I suggested that his comments about someone dying were inappropriate for anyone in politics:

2."Any besides, what's my political career got to do with this? If politics somehow distorts my moral compass, what do we make of you, whose blog is called "The Political Animal - Politics with balls".

Are we to take it that your political interests generate an unhealthy fetish with genitalia?"

When I suggested what his mother might think about him joking about someone dying.

3."I get it now. You are Church of Michael Jackson. No criticising MJ by anyone.

I suggest you put a damp cloth on your forehead, have a nice cup of tea, and a take yourself off for a nice nap. You need it.

What a humourless scold."

4."What a tantrum!

I'm frankly astonished at your comments. Of all the things I could have said, it's almost unreal that my rather mild turn of phrase has set you off. If that's a standard you hold dear, then I don't want any of it."

When I told him to bugger off (this is when I DID get a little testicularly challenged) spend some more ratepayer and his daddy's money and make his jokes about dying somewhere else:

5. "LOL - now I know you are a nasty piece of work!"

Now I am used to getting abused by all sorts of people because I have strong opinions and put them out there and fair enough, I LOVE good debate, but a local politician having a laugh at a person dying (even a misunderstood individual like Jackson, there is perhaps a time for jokes but long after the person has been buried) so soon after they have died, surely shows the mentality and arrogance of an individual that really isn't suitable to represent people - what the hell is he saying behind his constituents backs!

Does he joke and carry on in a similar vein? Who knows.

For goodness sake, if you have a political career and have dopey things to say, keep them to yourself Aaron, it aint a good look.

It isn't that bright and it reveals a somewhat foul taste in the mouth.

We clearly need much better representation than this.

c Political Animal 2009

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

The Continued Fascism of New Zealand Governance

Since when did people like me vote in a fascist in November that has first decided that he wont give Auckland voters the right to decide whether they want their council's combined and then yesterday and again today tell us that even if New Zealand citizens decided to give the anti smacking bill a good beating in a referendum then he would ignore the result because he thinks it is working.

Regardless of which side of each debate you fall on- the anti smacking bill is clearly a failure and the coming supercity is debatable- we must have the right to decide in a free democracy important life changing events.

We have processes and democratic rights which must be upheld and while the previous administration trampled all over these in the last 9 years, more than any other Government in New Zealand history, I certainly didn't vote for more of the same.

I will be reassessing my vote in 2011. In its current guise it wont be for Labour and if John Key ignores my referendum tick then it wont be for him either.

Doesn't leave me with much does it?

c Political Animal 2009

Monday, 15 June 2009

Anti-Smacking law needs a good beating

The official campaign has started for people to take part in the Citizens Initiated Referendum on Labour's anti-smacking law passed in 2007

The postal referendum runs from the 31st of July until the 21st of August and asks the question 'should a smack as part of good parental correction be a criminal offence in New Zealand?' 

It is being held as a postal referendum this year because Prime Minister Helen Clark refused permission to have it during the 2008 General Election because she thought it would cost her votes.

It will cost New Zealander's more than $9 million as a result.

It sounds like John Key is against changing this facist law but it must be changed for the sake of our families and our kids.

They are in danger if the anti-smacking law is not repealed as it fosters out of control children and lack of personal responsibility.

c Political Animal 2009

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Saturday, 13 June 2009

Mt Albert By-Election win a Turning Point in Labour Party Leadership

Congratulations to Labour's David Shearer for winning the Mt Albert By-Election by a landslide tonight.

He beat Melissa Lee from National, by a far larger majority than Helen Clark beat the National Candidate in the November 2008 General Election.

What does this tell us?

Well, it says that Shearer is a popular fellow, albeit in a safe seat a Labour party Monkey could win but what it also says is that Phil Goff's days as Labour Party leader are numbered.

With Helen Clark polling lower than Shearer and with Goff a part of Helen's old 2008 team the writing is on the wall for Goff. He was and is part of a dying Labour under Clark and now him and Shearer is its future.

The big win tonight really is the turning point for Goff's leadership and a grab for the top job cant be far off for Shearer and what will be his new team.

Goff simply cannot beat John Key in the 2011 General Election but after tonight Labour Party hierarchy will know for sure that David Shearer will have a much better chance.

Tonight's result has not been good for Phil Goff but it has been great for Labour's chances come 2011.

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LIVE: Mt Albert By Election Results - Final Results

Even though it might seem the results are a fait accompli, you can get Mt Albert Election day results here at Political Animal as they come in.

It aint over until the fat politician has his hands on your money.

By-Election Results -- Mt Albert (Final results)

Electorate Number:26 Final:No
Polling Places Counted: 30 of 30 (100.0%)  Votes Counted: 19,992
Less than 6 votes taken in Polling Places:0 Special Votes:1,114
Leading Candidate:SHEARER, David (LAB) Majority:9,187
BOYCE, BenB&B 151
DYER, SimonneKIWI 85
FRANCE, MalcolmPBP 13
KANE, RustyPCP 5
LEE, MelissaNAT 3,426
NORMAN, RusselGP 2,418
SHEARER, DavidLAB 12,613
VAN DEN HEUVEL, Anthony Joseph JamesHR 14
WOOD, Jackson JamesIND 9
Candidate Informals 76
TOTAL  19,992

The Chief Electoral Office aims to have the official results for the 2009 Mt Albert by-election published here by noon Wednesday 24 June.

c Political Animal 2009

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Monday, 8 June 2009

Cadbury's chip off the old family block & lose customers

It has been 5 minutes since my last confession, I am chocoholic. I don't however need help with that.

The following is only serious if you love chocolate.

What I do need help with is Cadbury's decision to change package size design and formula for their range of family sized block chocolate range.

Previously 250g, these family blocks now range from 190 grams for the "chrunchie bar" block to 235 grams, all at the same price.

The dairy milk block is 200g and Carramellow 220g for example. 

Looking at a old 250g Carramellow next to a new one today I noticed that the were the same size. 

Why is that you ask?

Well the new blocks are packaged in thick cardboard instead of paper and aluminum - how sneaky of Cadbury.

I noticed shoppers looking at the new blocks with confusion and then going down to the Whittakers display to buy different flavours, all in the same size pack don't you know!

Also their chocolate is now made with vegetable fat rather than animal fat - that ain't chocolate anymore folks its a cocoa drink with water.

After calling 0800 Cadbury to complain, the chick there told me their family block had been different sizes for 20 years ( PR bollocks!) and that I was mistaken -hey I told you I was a chocoholic, I know my chocolate baby.

Whittaker's is who I will be buying my chocolate from now on -less confusing and they are made in New Zealand instead of Cadbury's blocks that are made in OZ.

A glass and a half of milk per block?

Not anymore.

c Political Animal 2009

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(UPDATE) TVNZ Follows China with Wendy Petrie censorship

           A picture of said fist pump

I wasn't going to post the Wendy Petrie (dish?) Youtube clip where she punches the air after David Bain trial coverage , just like the synapses in her little blond head are doubtless doing the same, until TVNZ got all high and mighty about it because they wanted the clip removed.

This was apparently due to the fact that it harmed the State broadcasters "image" - they mean the image of a left leaning muck-raker that spoon feeds its viewers with opinion dressed as fact.

So here for your enjoyment is the offending clip. It is  not viewable from the Youtube website which says the clip "cannot be view from your country" because TVNZ have come down on them.

Guess they cant report on China doing the same with the internet?

Doesn't Wendy's hair look great though?!

c Political Animal 2009

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Andrew Williams; Putting the "H" back in Hypocrite

I see Andrew Williams, North Shore's bent Mayor is desperate for media attention again, getting his bloomers in a twist about his flagging mayoral fortunes.

Mr Key made the comment about Mr Banks, a National Party member and former minister, during a speech at a National Party conference on Saturday.

"Can I start by acknowledging the mayor – more importantly the super mayor of Auckland city – John Banks," he said.

North Shore City Mayor Andrew Williams said he was appalled at the insinuation.

"For a prime minister to come out 15 months before a local body election, already endorsing a candidate is absolutely appalling," he told Radio New Zealand.

"And to John Key I would just say I am absolutely shocked, and Prime Minister apologise."

Sometimes you really should known when to shut your fat gob.

It would nice to see angry boy livid about his North Shore Council's wasteful spending on things like wine for electioneering for his political friends.

Nothing wrong with Key backing his man if he was and Andy's little hypocritical ways just keep digging a bigger hole for himself.

More Mad Mayoral Musings

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Sunday, 7 June 2009

Another reason to ignore Rod Oram

From Share Investor Blog

Make no mistake Rod Oram is a mad bugger. I loathe his socialistic/political slant on business and economics and quite frankly a third form economics student who is deaf, dumb, blind and insulated from reality with a 100 mile layer of pink batts would know more than him about the subject he thinks he is so proficient at.

The man buys carbon credits to offset his "carbon footprint" for goodness sake!

The reason for my vitriol this time?

His nonsensical piece on National deferring payments into the Cullen Fund in Stuff today.

This master of economic sleight of hand wants our Government to borrow billions to fund pensions:

They are wrong on both points. This is a once-in-a-generation time to be investing, particularly if you are an entity with low debt, secure cashflow and a long-term strategy. The great global economic contraction has savaged prices of shares, property, businesses and other assets. Buyers might have to ride out some short-term corrections but they can reasonably expect handsome long-term gains.

Oram would have us borrow to buy investments? Its a MAD, MAD, MAD MAD ... plan! In these current times debt must be lowered. Oram is 100% correct when he says people should buy assets when they are beaten down in value. I have over the years but not with borrowed money Rodney! Higher debt to fund this scheme will increase interest rates for New Zealand borrowers.

In addition to this Oram is really making a mountain out of a molehill on the decision to defer payments to the scheme. What he fails to mention is that the scheme funds a very tiny portion of what is needed for retirees:

Connecting it with superannuation, though, was entirely political. Even Dr Cullen made clear there was no link to future entitlements and future taxpayers were always going to have to meet 89% of costs.

Bill English’s decision not to borrow for the fund will increase that by just 3%.

Moreover, in national-income terms, Mr English’s decision relates to just 0.2% of GDP from 2030.

It is ridiculous to worry about such a number. The smallest economic shock over the next two decades – positive or negative – could double or eliminate it, as could small productivity changes. Matthew Hooton, NBR 2009.

The vast bulk of retirement funding then will come from the tax base at the time and that is where growing the economy comes in and is clearly vastly more important than taxing workers heavily now to fund such a small addition to retirees income in 20 years time.

The best solution of course is for individuals to save and pay for their own retirement. With a taxpayer funded scheme payments are subject to interference from all political colours and with the tiny contribution from the Cullen Fund that is subject to inefficient bureaucracy and cost and inexperienced individuals investing money on your behalf - something that Rodney skirts over without nary a whisper- there is no guarantee that any money will be there when you retire anyway.

Labour would have deferred payments into the fund. That economic dipstick Michael Cullen designed the fund for such economic circumstances as we are suffering under now.

Oram's columns have been quoted by Labour in Parliament ad nauseum recently so it is clear Labour are taking their playbook from commentators like Oram or vice versa:

Hon PHIL GOFF: It made $1.75 billion. There is nobody in this House who does not understand that the best time to invest funds is when the market is at, or close to, the bottom. By the National Government’s theory, New Zealand homeowners should be selling their house now and buying it back when the prices have risen! That is National’s philosophy. Kiwis know that it makes no financial sense, so why cannot the Prime Minister and the Minister of Finance see that? Parliamentary Budget Debate, May 2009.

It doesn't really make allot of sense now does it? Would you borrow right now to buy shares?

The answer, if you are sane, is a clear NO.

Both Labour and Lefties like Oram are politically motivated and economically illiterate. We cant borrow and hope, we must instead grow the economy and accept personal responsibility for funding our own retirement.

Any other way is dishonest and as history has shown us will fail.

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Saturday, 6 June 2009

CSPAN: President Obama Speech to Muslim World in Cairo

So Barrack "The Man with a Plan" Obama has conceded to the Muslim Masses in Cairo that he intends to appease those that wish to butcher innocents in Western countries.

It would be fair enough if Muslims were going to listen to him and act positively on their barbarous murdering ways but any friendliness and kombaya dancing around a fire by the beach holding hands with westerners would be done with a sword behind Muslim backs ready to chop off any hands or heads that dare critique the Muslim religion.

I am not interested in making friends or as Obama says "respecting' others who would otherwise wish you dead if you think contrary to them.

The ghost of Neville Chamberlain has come back to haunt the planet.

A very sad day and a dangerous turning point in history.

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Thursday, 4 June 2009

Richard Worth: Goff's posturing hypocritical to the max

Without a doubt, whatever Richard Worth did or didn't do, he clearly isn't Minister material anymore.  

Whatever the outcome lets judge him on the facts, which are currently subject to political conjecture, and when we do know the facts, if we ever do, the appropriate hand of justice should come down hard on his little head.

What I find curious though is criticism of John Key from Phil Goff and Labour for not being "up front" or quick enough to take action on this matter.

The facts are he acted as soon as he knew the facts and would have sacked Worth if he didn't fall on his own sword. End of story.

This of course is in stark contrast to Phil Goff's former leader.

She lied her arse through numerous Labour Ministerial gaffs,  and regularly did nothing when her ministers erred.

Some conveniently forget that months went by before Phillip Field was dealt to and then only mildly. Winston Peters was on the take from seemingly every sector of New Zealand and Clark did nothing. Benson Pope was in Parliament for months before anything was done about his curious ways with Tennis balls and young teenagers.

Ruth Dyson drunk driving her way across town ended up back as a Minister.

Having Phil Goff spearhead the charge against Key is a big mistake by Labour.

It mustn't be forgotten that "stick it on the bill" Phil wanted to make it legal in New Zealand for 12 year olds and older to have sex. He certainly shouldn't be pointing the finger, especially as this accusation against Worth involves sexual impropriety.

Johnny maybe starting to err on the side of the thieving socialists but I believe he is an honest man. The same cannot be said of one Ms Helen Clark.

Whatever the outcome of this saga, I cant help but feel that once again Labour's muck-raking is going to back-fire in spectacular fashion. 

c Political Animal 2009

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Monday, 1 June 2009

National's Budget like watching paint dry, Labour's would have led to economic disaster

Just looking back on Thursday's budget.

It wasn't really my cup of tea because it didn't cut back on spending enough. 

Lets face it it was politically safe and boring to the max -just what Key and Co need to be elected for a further term.

What was needed though was a massive cut back in the 10s of billions of wasteful social spending over the last ten years that got us in the current mess. Working for families, free money for students and that ridiculous "Gold Card" for seniors that will cost us dearly in the future amoungst other brain dead spending. We simply cannot afford these things.

Nobody got anything in the budget except another unaffordable socialist bribe, the home insulation scheme - stop insulating yourself with my money, keep yourself bloody warm!

We didn't get back the high taxes we paid over the last ten years either. Tax cuts were cut.
A really dumb move practically because we all know tax cuts stimulate economies more than any other tool but a good move politically because it looks like Bill English "cares" about the public purse.

As bitter as a  National Party 2009 budget is to swallow, one doesn't have to broaden ones imagination too far to surmise how much worse the budget would be under a Helen Clark Labour Government.

We would have had more of the same that we had under the last 10 years - Phil Goff has confirmed that many times over the last 8 months by reiterating we should be spending money we don't have. Taxes would have gone up instead of being just cut, we would have borrowed and spent our Children and Grandchildren's economic livelihood like Kevin Rudd, Barrack Obama, Gordon Brown and a number of other brain dead socialist morons around the world have over the last 8 months and interference from our Government would be more akin to a Stalinist regime only seen in North Korea.

We must remember the gleeful way Micheal Cullen gloated to National before the 2008 election that he had spent all our money, there was nothing left in the cupboard -"eat that!" to get a grip on where we would have gone from 2008 to 2011.

The man should be shot as treasonous for doing that but imagine his tax and spend regime under an economy in recession rather than the booming one that he inherited.

Yep, the 2009 Budget was boring but it is just what we need at a time like this, the alternative Labour Budget would have given us the Icelandic economic chills and brought us to our knees in short time.

At least with National we have a chance.

c Political Animal 2009

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