Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Commonsense VS Politics

The dumping of the introduction of folate into our daily bread by National just shows us how politically motivated our politicians are rather than acting on facts (well duh Darren).

The Nazi style move by Labour and its continued support to introduce folate into our bread shows us that the left still want to control us, but the fact that this wasn't rejected quickly by National is a worry.

The use of folate of any kind is a personal choice, to say otherwise is to go down a track that would ultimately have citizens eating what politicians want from State owned markets (with long lines and shortages no doubt) and we rejected that at the 2008 election.

To have National making the move based on political motivation rather than a question of personal choice or the fact that there are questions about synthetic folate and the danger of it, is just more of the same crap that we put up with over the last 9 years of the heavy handed socialist/nazi style regime that Labour presided over.

This political rather than fact based governance is really just a lie, all it does is keep the ignorant and stupid happy and keeps the incumbent Government's poll ratings up.

The same can be said of the global warming nonsense that National are continuing with.

It is a a clear myth acknowledged by most yet the bullshit rolls on simply because it buys votes from the rabid left vocal sector of our country, never mind that the facts are that the whole GW frenzy is a lie.

This way of governing is the rule of the vocal moronity and it is a sign of weakness from the Government.

For god sake, have your own ideas, act on commonsense and fact and forget about the politics.

If John Key doesn't stand firm on something for the right reasons, his Government is going to fall due to the line adhered to and moved by the dropkicks and looney lefties in Government departments and interest groups that he is currently listening to.

Lets see the commonsense that we were promised before the election.

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