Saturday, 11 July 2009

Whittaker's VS Cadbury TV advert

Further to some commentary about my favourite food on my Share Investor Blog and earlier on here, comes a fantastic TV Ad from Whittakers that takes the piss out of Cadbury chocolate.

There have been supposed "taste tests" between the two products, with Cadbury winning most but sales figures for both companies are what really counts and Whittaker's sales are up and Cadbury's are down(where they deserve to be because their chocolate now tastes like sugar with cocoa power in it.)

There have been complaints laid about the ad (Cadbury being one of them) so cop a look before the purple lot get it removed.

It is a classic and sure beats the twitching eyebrows that Cadbury bring to the table.

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  1. I thank you for bringing this issue to my attention.

    I have just this last week, bought the Whittackers chocolate, and will continue to buy it.

    I use the taste and ingredients as my primary reasons for which brand I buy, and not price. I will not be buying Cadbury anymore after having eaten and trusted the Cadbury brand for 2 decades.

  2. Shortbus, Any food is a matter of taste and personal preference, especially chocolate.

    Some might like Cadbury and I did before they changed recipe.

    I have always preferred Whittakers though but bought Cadbury stuff because they had the classic flavours that I grew up with. Chruncie bar, Dairy Milk, Caramellow etc.

    If you are dishonest with me as a consumer I will NEVER buy off you again.

    Cadbury has sunk its ship with me and I am betting many others.

    How long before they admit their mistake and go back to original recipe.