Friday, 19 November 2010

Sunday Herald's Bevan Hurley Pulls the Race Card

Nothing much is happening down at Tabloid the Sunday Herald.

I got a call from, to put it mildly, a wanker called Bevan Hurley from that paper about noon today regarding some comments I made on Darren Hughes Facebook page about Kris Faafoi.

This is what I said:

"Darren, even a monkey put in that seat for Labour would win. Kris is that monkey.

The real question is how many votes will the Nats take off Labours majority and I am guessing it will be substantial, even though you guys are using union mone...y and time and driving voters to the booths.

I will put a thousand bucks your majority will drop like the economy should Labour be lucky enough to win in Nov 2011."

Bevan then asked me if I was going to apologise for these "offensive remarks" and I basically said no because I didn't see then as offensive.

He then told me my comments were racist and that I needed to apologise. He then asked whether I was affiliated with any political party to make a possible story fit his column and I am of course not aligned to anybody.

He then told me something like "monkey" was a derogatory term used to to insult black players in some football league and I said I was unaware of that and I would have used the term monkey whether Kris was black, white, brown, pink blue, yellow, green, fawn, sandy bay blue or forrest hill green, - you put a Labour Monkey (the animal I must point out if you are reading Bevan)in a safe Labour seat like that and it is going to win - I could well have used the animals gorilla, whale, dolphin, dog, sheep, pig, horse etc but I may have offended animal lovers.

He told me I must live in an isolated world and not seen much of it (oh if you only knew Bevan the things I could tell you) if I didnt know the term monkey was "offensive" but surely Bevan must have listened in english class or learned latter on in life that the term, "so simple even a monkey can do it", is more widely known than his obscure upper-class reference to soccer in Europe.

I asked whether he had nothing better to do than to harass me, I am nobody important and I added that if if Kris was a white guy would you be ringing me up and hassling me and accusing me of being a racist?

I knew the answer because that is why I asked the question and the answer was of course,


Bevan you are about as low and muck raking as one can go and it just shows that some go out of their way to be offended even though there is no offense perpetrated.

Shame on you and your filthy ilk.

The Full Facebook Exchange

Darren Hughes

Darren Hughes Tau Henare just told me National will win Mana. So I said "how about a bet" - he was only prepared to wage $5! So I think even the Nats are expecting to welcome Kris Faafoi as a new MP after Saturday!

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    • Darren Rickard
      Darren, even a monkey put in that seat for Labour would win. Kris is that monkey.

      The real question is how many votes will the Nats take off Labours majority and I am guessing it will be substantial, even though you guys are using union mone...y and time and driving voters to the booths.

      I will put a thousand bucks your majority will drop like the economy should Labour be lucky enough to win in Nov 2011.

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Wednesday, 3 November 2010

List of schools ignoring National Standards

Below is the list of schools that will ignore national standards to be brought in during 2011. There are 225 schools out of just over 2000 which are ignoring the standards and should be avoided by parents if possible as the teaching standards and levels of education will generally be lower than at the other schools who will adopt the standards.

The teachers and principals at these schools do not want to tell parents how their kids are doing and therefore how well they are being taught.

These schools are also ignoring their direct employers, the Government and their indirect employers, parents, who wanted national standards when they voted National in 2008.

This is clearly a sackable offense. You can bet if I was an employee my employer would send me down the road for disobeying my directives.

This comes on top of teachers unions disrupting the education of 10s of thousands of children as they go on strike to get massive wage increases.

The List

School Region
Birchville School
Avalon Intermediate
Martinborough School
Island Bay School
Taita Central School
Lyall Bay School
Paekakareki School
Fergusson Intermediate
St Michaels School Taita
St Bernadettes NaeNae
Koraunui School
Pomare School
Waitohou School Otaki
Maidstone Intermediate School
Miramar North School
Trentham School
Waikanae School
Mangaroa School
Wainuiomata Primary School
Natone School
Wainuiomata Intermediate
Corinna School
St Joseph's Levin
Bishop Viard
Windley School
Papaparaumu Beach School
Clyde Quay School
Khandallah School
Holy Family School
Brandon Intermediate

Tai Tokerau
Ruawai School
Kaiwaka School
Horeke School
Whangarei Intermediate
Kaitaia Primary School
Hikurangi Primary
Moerewa School
Kaikohe Intermediate School
Kawakawa School
Kaikohe East Primary
Paihia Primary
Maungatapere School
Whau Valley Primary School
Selwyn Park
Hora Hora Primary School
Totara Grove
Peria School
Kaeo Primary
Oruaiti School
Oromahoe School
Oturu School
Kamo Intermediate
Tauhoa School
Pukenui School
Kaitaia Intermediate
Pamapuria School
Ruakaka School
Tomarata School
Kohukohu Primary School

Ruawai School
Kaiwaka School
Horeke School
Whangarei Intermediate
Kaitaia Primary School
Hikurangi Primary
Moerewa School
Kaikohe Intermediate School
Kawakawa School
Kaikohe East Primary
Paihia Primary
Maungatapere School
Whau Valley Primary School
Selwyn Park
Hora Hora Primary School
Totara Grove
Peria School
Kaeo Primary
Oruaiti School
Oromahoe School
Oturu School
Kamo Intermediate
Tauhoa School
Pukenui School
Kaitaia Intermediate
Pamapuria School
Ruakaka School
Tomarata School
Kohukohu Primary School

Hawkes Bay
Flaxmere School
Nelson Park School
Peterhead School
Waipawa School
Bledisloe School
Irongate School
Pakowhai School

Ascot Community
Bluff Community
Donovan Primary
East Gore School
Fernworth Primary
Garston School
Isla Bank School
Lumsden School
New River School
Otautau School
Riversdale School
St Patrick's Invercargill
Salford School
Tisbury School
Waverley Park School
West Gore School

Berkley Normal
Cambridge Primary School
Cargill Open Plan School
Deanwell School
Elstow-Waihou School
Glenview School
Gordonton School
Goodwood School
Hamilton North
Horotiu School
Kaihere School
Knighton School
Leamington School
Merivale School Tauranga
Morrinsville Primary
Newstead Model Country School
Opoutere School
Puahue School
Rangitoto School
Roto-o-Rangi School
St Columbas School
St Josephs School Waihi
St PiusX Catholic School
Tauwhare School
Te Kowhai School
Te Miro School
Te Rerenga School
Tokirima School
Waingaro School
Whenuakite School
Whitiora School

Freemans Bay
Newton Central
Ponsonby Primary
Ponsonby Intermediate
Balmoral School
Dominion Road
Wesley Intermediate
Mt Eden Normal School
Edendale Primary
St Joseph's, Grey Lynn
Grey Lynn School
Westmere Primary
Valley School
Avondale Intermediate School
Sunnyvale School
Henderson North School
Willowbank School
Howick Intermediate
Anchorage Park School
Our Lady Star of the Sea
Sommerville Intermediate
Ramarama School
Konini School
Kelston Intermediate
Jean Batten School
Mangere East Primary
Manurewa South School
St Joseph's, Onehunga
Hillpark Primary School
Manurewa Intermediate
Clendon Park School
Randwick Park School
Greenmeadows Intermediate
Manurewa East School
Leabank Primary School
Takanini School
Mangere Bridge School
St Joseph's, Onehunga
Hillsborough Primary
May Road School
Mt Roskill Intermediate
Halsey Drive School
Monte Cecilia Catholic School, Hillsborough
Birkdale Primary School
Kauri Park School
Marlborough School
Vauxhall School
Target Road School
Torbay School
Beach Haven School
Sunnybrae Normal
Glenfield Primary
Murrays Bay Intermediate
Glen Eden Primary
Green Bay Primary
St Josephs Otahuhu
Fairburn Road School
Mt Richmond Special School
Otahuhu Primary School
Mayfield School
Flatbush School
Clover Park School
Bairds Mainfreight
Fergusson Intermediate School
Rongomai School
Chapel Downs School
Papakura Central School
Kingsford School
Papatoeote West School
Puhinui School
Papatoetoe Central
South Auckland SDA
Papatoetoe South
Snells Beach
Aka Aka School
Flanshaw Rd Primary
Swanson Primary
Finlayson Park School
Parkuranga Intermediate
Rowandale School

Waitati School
College St School
North East Valley Normal
Waihola District School
Green Island School
Musselburgh School
Macandrew Intermediate
Balaclava School
Cromwell School
Tahuna Normal Intermediate
Bradford School

c Darren Rickard 2010

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Thursday, 21 October 2010

Actors Union actions a blast from the past

Well, sniveling actor union members like Jennifer Ward-Lealand, Bruce Hopkins, and Robyn Malcolm have managed to bully, manipulate and organise the movement of the Hobbit sequel out of New Zealand to somewhere in Eastern Europe.

They wanted to make a point and it looks like they have. The New Zealand film industry now appears to be on the edge of the abyss thanks to the grandstanding, sniveling wet left bullying of Peter Jackson.

The actors union wanted collective bargaining on future film contracts when this couldn't happen as it was an illegal practice due to New Zealand employment laws.

Their move has now cost the country the thick end of $500 million for the Hobbit movie and billions more for future movies that will no doubt end up being made in Europe.

As happened to this country from the 1950s to the 1980s and a pathetic resurgence by bully boy teachers unions today, the only outcome for the respective industries bullied by those unions are always negative for everyone concerned.

In the 1950s the Watersiders union brought the country to its knees, while every union had a go in the 1970s and 80s and had similar deleterious effects on the country and its economy.

The teachers union has brought the education system to its knees and The NZ actors union has now single handedly ruined the film industry here in a few short weeks of stupidity.

The very people unions profess to "look after", the workers, are the very ones who end up with the short end of the stick and the only winners seem to be the union heads who manage to get attention and make a name for themselves.

It seems the actors union are out of touch with the realities of the economy today and are stuck in a 1950s time warp that has no relevance today. We are suffering through the worst economic conditions in more than 70 years. They should feel extremely lucky to work at all.

Their selfishness has cost thousands of actors and technicians jobs now and into the future.

Pathetic, left wing bullshit.

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Monday, 11 October 2010

VIDEO: TVNZ Breakfast Overwhelmed with support for Paul Henry

The Breakfast team read out support for Paul Henry after he quit the show yesterday.

Paul Henry @ Political Animal

Beginning of the end for TVNZ Breakfast Show

Pippa Wetzell is a nice person, so am I, but Pippa really doesn't have the personality to carry the TVNZ Breakfast show.

Paul Henry did.

Of course he quit yesterday after his TVNZ bosses failed to back their employee over a barrage of nonsense from the sniveling wet, left wing media who were after Henry's head on a plate, after harmless comments made by the media star on air last week. The Herald and others in the mainstream media also went after Paul's elderly mother.

He even gave a full apology to placate the snivelers.

Paul had no choice but quit. He would have been censored by TVNZ if he returned and clearly he did the principled thing by walking. This way his personality is left intact and he will be able to move onto something else in the media if he choses to and if anyone else is brave and bright enough to hire him.

Henry gave the Breakfast show viewers, Pippa Wetzell will not.

He had a strong personality and was loved by most, even managing to put the nail in the coffin of its TV3 competitor Sunrise because they couldn't compete with a similarly bland offering.

The TVNZ show is going to plummet in viewership and surely cant survive now without massive input from taxpayer dollars.

The Henry saga really is a sad state of our way of life today. It is wider than just some guy on the box. It shows that the vocal, rabid left minority can get a taxpayer funded broadcaster to censor that broadcaster so that the content becomes "acceptable" to those with hypersensitivities and by those easily offended.

But do we really want our media to say what is just acceptable to a mad minority of our population?

What gives you the right to tell others what I should say or watch, or hear someone else say or watch.

We have fought wars in the past to stop this kind of fascist bullshit.

Fuck off back to Stalinist Soviet Union or book burning in Germany if you want to stop others from expressing their opinions.

Of course we could easily get around this whole problem if TVNZ was sold off to private enterprise but that aint going to happen any time soon.

I want my entertainment the way I want it, in 2010 with personality, harmless fun (boy are we missing that a little bit each day thanks to things like this) and the ability to speak and think freely without the heavy yolk of socialism (for that is what this is) weighing us down.

With that in mind lets bow out with a classic clip from Paul:

Paul Henry @ Political Animal

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Sunday, 10 October 2010

Why the NZ Herald is after Paul Henry

Why is the New Zealand Herald after Paul Henry?

Well, not just Paul but Michael Laws, John Key, or any other person they perceive as a right wing dog that might put a foot wrong in the eyes of the sniveling wet left and its "commentators" , bloggers and facebook groups.

They are doing it out of desperation.

In the face of bloggers from like Cameron Slater from Whaleoil, who have penchant to write from the lip from the street level of journalism, former national respected papers like the Herald are moving towards the tabloid end of town.

Cameron and his left and right mates you see are taking up a slice of the media that they want to occupy but they have found the going hard. In the race to the bottom in terms of journalistic integrity and standards the Herald and the mainstream media in general have failed to counter the immediacy and accuracy of the "alternative" media because they lack the ability for flexibility or simply don't have the balls (yet) to start ranting and raving with expletives and bad grammar that is often part of the blogosphere.

The Herald are on their Paul Henry crusade simply because it allows them the ability to get in amongst the new media and try and take some of their audience away.

They are failing though.

While Slater and his mates audiences are growing, the Herald and their mates are losing their audience and money.

Has anyone told them yet that you can blog for free through this format and others and tell people a story this way?

It doesn't take millions of dollars and hundreds of journos and all that cost.

It is a desperation bourne out of the mainstream media desperate not to lose shareholder moola or in the case of TVNZ, taxpayer moola.

Simple as that, and that dear reader is about as low as you can go.

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Paul Henry Video Collection: Indian Petrol Pump Attendant

Paul Henry on Indian petrol pump attendants.

Paul Henry Moments

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Saturday, 9 October 2010

Paul Henry Video Collection: Paul has Laughing Fit

In the light of the manufactured furore over what Paul Henry said earlier this week, I am going to post a series of Paul's "moments" from breakfast TV just to show you how idiotic he really can be.

Very funny

Paul Henry Moments

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Friday, 8 October 2010

Is Paul Henry a Dikshit?

Is Paul Henry a Dickshit?

The latest manufactured outrage from the left goes global.

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Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Is Joris De Bres' Racially Biased?

I am slightly amused by the big fuss made over wind up comments about Anand Satyanand made by TVNZ Breakfast host Paul Henry on his show yesterday. It really is a non story but it is being twisted by the sniveling left wing media because there is no alternative "news".

What really grabs me by the balls and gives them a big yank though is the response by the bloated Race Relations Commissioner Doris de Bres.

Henry apologised to the sensitive wee things that were offended but that wasn't good enough for Doris.

Doris said:

"...the apology was not good enough, and should be aimed at all New Zealanders.

"When you say, 'I'm sorry if I offended you', it makes it sound as though the person who was offended is at fault..."

When Hone Harawera called white folk "white motherfuckers" earlier this year Doris said this was part of his freedom of expression and was "....just Hone being Hone..." he sure is one cheeky little darkie ah bro!!

Hone apologised to any offense that might have been caused but also qualified that by saying the "sentiment" of his words he stood by.

I am not bothered by either Henry's comment or Haraweras, it is merely someones opinion and we can judge them based on that but get a grip on your taxpayer funded gravy train Doris!

If you are going to be given half a million a year to sit and pontificate, and get fat and lazy, at least look like you are being fair when you make your pathetic, racially biased decisions.

c Darren Rickard 2010

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Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Another Dick with no Balls

If it isn't bullying Peter Jackson around by threatening to close down his production of the Hobbit, it is petulant, childish behavior by primary school teachers, threatening the future of New Zealands children.

I am talking about nasty, filthy little unions who are always doing the best for themselves rather than the people they claim to represent.

I was absolutely disgusted yesterday by the behaviour of the teachers union and their treatment of their boss Ann Tolley at a conference in Rotorua.

They yelled and screamed, they sat silent holding childish little banners during a Tolley speech, ignoring their guest throughout.

I mean this is the kind of stuff their kids might do!

Some of them actually had their own kids there, reminiscent of the manipulation by some union teachers of their pupils when they got them write to Anne Tolly asking her for a pay rise!

What kind of bloody example is this setting for those they say they teach and care about?

It is clear though that they are putting themselves before their pupils when, like their secondary school counterparts, threaten to strike to get pay rises that are not possible during a deep recession.

Some would say that pupils of these teachers would be better off without them in the classroom, given their lack of morals, principles, their boorish and threatening behaviour and the clear refusal of them to teach properly to the new curriculum and the higher standards that go along with the improved syllabus.

They need some education though, as poor as it might be.

It is clear that this isn't about pupils and their education, it is about greed, it is about the inability and laziness of these teachers to teach to a standard that parents, their employers, want and it is about politics.

We need good teachers that will follow their bosses wishes and those good teachers should be paid more. Those filthy, dirty little collectives in the teachers unions who are clearly not up to par teaching-wise, need to be given the boot.

We don't need their poor example setting, low standards and inability to see that parents want better education.

Anne Tolly has a hard job, but she looks like a tough individual. She needs to stand her ground against these bastards and so far she has done an admirable job. It is time for her to turn the screws and send a message.

Our kids are not getting the best from union teachers and they deserve better.

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Saturday, 25 September 2010

Intolerant Muslims

Here we go again.

Showing a complete lack of a sense of humour while having an intellectual lobotomy at the same time should reduce the holder of theses traits into a blob of nervous mental energy but if you are from the Muslim faith this apparently gives to the right to issue veiled (no pun intended) threats.

I am talking about the reaction to harmless jokes about Muslims made by Maurice Williamson a few weeks back:

These are the "offending" jokes:

"What is the difference between Muslims and Kiwis? Muslims get to commit adultery and get stoned, Kiwis get stoned and commit adultery."

Mr Williamson also quipped about the weather being "Shi'ite in the morning and Sunni in the afternoon," a reference to the two main denominations of the religion.

The problem now is though that the Islamic community don't share Williamson's sense of humour.

"Islamic community leaders have written to Prime Minister John Key demanding Building Minister Maurice Williamson apologise for jokes he made about Muslims.

The Federation of Islamic Associations New Zealand sent the letter more than a week ago but has yet to receive a response. At the time Mr Key played down the jokes, saying Mr Williamson was known for his humour.

President Anwar Ghani said New Zealand Muslims were "very upset" about the intolerant remarks and were happy the federation was raising it officially.

The federation had written to Mr Key on the advice of the Human Rights Commission and would wait for his response before deciding to take further action, he said."

Anwar is very upset huh? Well, if Anwar has had a humour bypass that cant be helped but getting unnecessarily offended just to make your religion noticed isn't a good look.

The Muslim faith has a habit of doing this overseas, complaining for no particular reason and forcing apologies from those who do not need to do so because there is an implied threat of "further action" should groveling to Muslims doesn't happen forthwith.

One can rail against every other religion it seems and intentionally offend but to get offended by a harmless joke isn't acceptable.

Williamson's jokes came in the same week where Sakineh Mohammadi-Ashtiani was due to be stoned to death in Iran for committing adultery. She is of course a Muslim and stoning is acknowledged in the Muslim faith by some.

Now I am offended by that. Why doesn't Anwar come out and defend this woman?

c Darren Rickard 2010

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Saturday, 18 September 2010

Police not to Blame for fleeing criminals death

News reports intimating that criminals who sped away from police and two died as a result of their stupidity, are the victims of errant police is yet another story from the left slanted in the wrong direction.

While nobody deserves to die, the driver of the car that sped away from police and those in the car must take the full blame and for two of them that blame ended in death.

No great loss at all.

The driver and the occupants of the car were lucky that innocent people were not killed as a result of their decision to boot it. Innocent people were certainly put at risk by their failure to think before they acted.

Police need to chase when appropriate otherwise we live a a lawless country where idiots like these rule over the good, law abiding citizens that most of us are.

Time to support the cops.

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Thursday, 16 September 2010

John Banks VS Len Brown

If voters learnt anything from the 9 years of the Labour Government that ended in an economic and social heap of dung, they learnt that socialism doesn't work.

It is interfering, demoralizing, it leads to social problems and perhaps more importantly to hardworking ratepayers/taxpayers, it is very expensive.

In respect to the local body elections in the race for Major for the new Auckland "Super City", voters have a choice between the two leading contenders, John Banks and Len Brown.

While John Banks is connected to the National Party and pushes their agenda of personal responsibility, business, efficiency and smaller Government (his actions belie the last part) Len Brown is another kettle of fish altogether.

Len is a socialist. Nothing wrong with that if you follow this extreme political line but it is bad news for the bulk of us who don't.

Len has for the last 3 years as Mayor, and years before that as Councillor, overseen a Manukau City Council that has raked up record debt by spending ratepayer cash on free swimming pools, cash handouts to special interest groups, koha to political friends and racial favouritism, not to mention his own personal spending on the ratepayer credit card.

For the supercity he wants to expand all this and add some really expensive toys that just don't add up financially.

He wants an Auckland wide rail system, free swimming pools for all (who pays for those again?) he wants all council business to be council controlled rather than privately owned, bigger roads, bigger parks and much, much more... in short a much bigger council.

He also want to continue what he calls positive discrimination, that is, he wants to favour Maori and Pacific Islanders by allowing them representation and input on the council without them being voted in.

I call that racist but hey that is what socialism does. It creates imbalances when it tries to make everyone the same.

Auckland voters have to make a wise decision this September.

Vote for John Banks and you will get much the same that you have got from his time as mayor of the smaller Auckland but vote for Len Brown and you will end up with a mess much the same as was left behind by the last Labour Government.

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Thursday, 9 September 2010

Whangarei Tagger Video

I very funny video of some low life taggers "forced to dance" by the taggers victims until police arrived.

The leftist media (TV3 News) say the boys were put through an "ordeal".

I applaud the victims and back them 100%.

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Saturday, 4 September 2010

VW Veneer reveals BMW heart

While waiting to get my fish and chips order today for lunch, while out planting some trees for a client I started reading an article by Deborah Hill Cone in the Friday September 3rd edition of the Business Herald lift-out (5 year old "Womans Days" with Rach & Rod on the cover don't do it for me anymore) and what was she writing about?

Yep the man without a plan, the man everyone loves to hate, formally the richest man in Timaru (where is that again?) Allan Hubbard.

I wasn't going to go back there but after my order of 1 chips and a scoop arrived (that is what they call it in the Hawkesbay where I lived my formative years) I just had to keep reading.

Debs made some really good points.

We already know the financial shenanigans and shell games Mr Hubbard and his good mates were up to with other peoples moola but Debs, (I can call her that because I live in Auckland and we are a close knit family up here too) as she does, came at things with quite a unique angle.

She was looking at the intensely close, almost incestuous nature of the order of things in the part of the country that Hubbard and his mates come from.

This she contends, dates back from early settlers who arrived in boats from old mother England and continued their class distinctions in their new land that shows today in the back slapping, secret handshaking, old schoolboy network that supported Mr Hubbard and that supports him to this day. This New Zealand breed of wannabe aristocrats didn't like to flaunt their wealth Though.

She described them well as the airtex wearing, holey jumpered men who looked like paupers but were actually well to do and their lady companions who "wore their collars upturned".

It was kinda like an awe shucks look at me mentality I'm so down to earth, I must be I'm dressed like a bum.

Witness the epitome of this in Mr Hubbard. New Zealands answer to Warren Buffett, who is well known for his frugality and homespun hokiness - he would call it old fashioned. Mr Hubbard is top to toe well-worn Hallensteins circa 1950 and even drives a beat up VW which doesn't look like it has seen much back seat action (if at all) since it was bought by him in the 1960s.

Of course at at one stage though the NBR valued this man a half a billion.

That is of course when this whole charade unravels into reality.

These strange people in this clique of people down there in the Canterbury area (If you are reading this and actually flaunt your wealth like most Aucklanders then I am probably not talking about you) stick together like a Parnell Girl to her Takapuna Grammar old boy 10 years her senior and the motivation for support of Allan Hubbard seems connected to the tribe mentality of looking after the individuals in the pack, should the whole tribes reputation suffer a mortal moral, legal or in this case financial gaping wound.

If I maybe serious for one moment, this appears to be the reason why the main pack behind support for Allan Hubbard, the old boys network of Canterbury ( I am a bit jealous because Onehunga High School where I hail from doesn't have this sort of network) is rallying the ignorant, angry, lonely hoi poloi around them in the hope that the herd will stop the all important old boys network from a fatal blow.

This sort of protection of the big fish is great if you can get it and the network in and around Christchurch and Timaru are doing a sterling job of circling the wagons in the face of the reality of even bigger fish from the Serious Fraud Office and forensic auditors crawling so far up Mr Hubbard's backside not even a Christchurch Boys High School old boy could get a finger up there let alone anything else.

I had a different opinion of the support for Mr Hubbard, I thought it was sheer ignorance and stupidity (well?) but my good mate Debs up here in Auckland has convinced me it is mostly about protectionism; of a group that has always seen itself as the ones who make the decisions and wield the power over ordinary folk like you and me.

Amazing what you can find in yesterdays fish and chip paper huh?

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Sunday, 29 August 2010

Allan Hubbard Guilty as Charged

In the ongoing saga of Allan Hubbard and his crumbling business empire there were further revelations yesterday when the second report from statutory managers Grant Thornton came out.

It appears that Mr Hubbard has been running his Hubbard Management Funds (HMF) business, Aorangi Securities and a number of other investment vehicles in a slack, fraudulent and underhanded manner. In those respects it makes him as bad as your Hotchins, Watsons, Bryers and their filthy thieving ilk.

On first look though, what appears different is that Hubbard looks to have been motivated by the "Robin Hood" factor. That is, he was using other peoples money to lend to those who "needed" it.

All very altruistic sounding at first glance but bound to end in tears when incoming funds and assets didn't match outgoings.

There have been claims made in the second report that Aorangi Securities has been borrowing money on call while lending the proceeds to second rate and overvalued farming assets, the bulk of which are connected to the Hubbards - nothing altruistic going on there.

Aorangi made interest free loans to a charitable trust that the Hubbards have a financial investment in and that trust was being charged 10% interest on those loans - very dodgy.

Investment values overstated by 25% in the Hubbard Management Funds business with $13 million of assets allocated to investors in the fund that apparently don't exist - looking very bad here.

An overstatement of cash at hand at HMF of more than $5.5 million.

Inter-party lending that advantages Mr Hubbard and his financial interests over his investors is a good indication that he was covering his own ass in the event of a meltdown.

Mr Hubbard's businesses all suffered from a lack of full detailed documentation.

It is clear now while Mr Hubbard did not set out to deliberately fleece investors as other finance company heads have over the last 3 years, Mr Hubbard is no saint.

I have until now largely reserved my judgement on Hubbard and his predicament but if you read the report you can come only to the conclusion that Hubbard has been a naughty boy and supporters need to take a good hard look at themselves if they wish to continue to back Mr Hubbard in the face of the reality of his offenses thus far revealed.

Yep, it isn't right that the other thieves out there have largely been untouched by authorities but the object of our interest here is Allan Hubbard and we now should wait for the additional detail that will come out from the Serious Fraud Office and the Statutory managers of Hubbard's business and personal financial dealings.

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Sunday, 15 August 2010

Michael Laws: Vile Hooker Controversy

I mostly like Michael Laws, talkback host on Radio Live and Wanganui Mayor and most of what he says I can agree with.

He is bizarre at times but hell who isn't and some of things he says can be outrageous to some but you get that when you speak your mind.

The controversy that kicked off this week when he came out and defended sexual texts that were made between him and former druggie and prostitute Jacqueline Sperling (she says that is in the past) and that have or are going to be made public by the media is a little confusing to this poor soul.

What the hell has he done wrong?

Between consenting adults surely?

This individual is clearly after her 15 seconds of fame and doesn't care who she hurts on the way down.

He is in the public eye but is so for his work as a mayor and talk-back host. His private life should be left private unless it has bearing on his public office, is illegal or newsworthy in a significant way.

For rags like and the Herald to plaster this stuff all over their front pages is salacious and tabloid and is merely trying to go where some trashy blogs (not mine of course) have gone -straight to the toilet to get readers.

These papers maybe struggling to survive and make money but surely there is a need for quality rather than the filthy shite being peddled by the likes of Ms Sperling and served up by the failing aforementioned media.

Friday, 13 August 2010

Undercover Boss NZ: Tony Ryall does his job

The fact that Health Minister Tony Ryall has been "secretly" visiting hospital emergency departments around the country shouldn't be seen as a negative thing as the nasty vile, left politicians and TV3 seem to think it is.

Former Labour Health Minister Annette King has accused him of sneaking into hospitals "to spy on staff".

This is the best way bosses can see how their operations are performing.

Multi national companies do this sort of thing all the time and are able to improve their businesses as a result.

In fact, for Ryall NOT to do this would be remiss in the extreme. I for one expect a hands on approach.

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Sandcastles in the Air

Christchurch local body politician Gail Sheriff insists a ratepayer-funded trip to see a sandcastle competition in the United States was worth every cent.


Hasn't this individual heard of the recession? Even in the good times this just aint acceptable.

Typical that the Mayor Bob (give me another ratepayer funded latte) Parker gave this the go ahead.

Who do these self important bureaucrats think they are, important?

Ratepayers don't think so and there has been a backlash.

Now I'm for other sorts of activities on the beach, especially when it involves as little body covering as possible but spending $4000 of ratepayer money on a holiday in San Diego and using the excuse that you are investigating sandcastle building because you think it maybe good for your city is stretching the realms of credibility tighter than Pamela Anderson's red swimsuit.

Nice work if you can get it.

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Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Cartoon of the Year: Tom Scott

I'm back ( you cant get rid of me that easily) and I will let you know latter why Political Animal has been away for more than a year but check this out in the meantime. From Tom Scott and surely one of the best cartoons over recent years. It may take your breath away but not half as much as the subject did when he made his racists comments.


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