Thursday, 21 October 2010

Actors Union actions a blast from the past

Well, sniveling actor union members like Jennifer Ward-Lealand, Bruce Hopkins, and Robyn Malcolm have managed to bully, manipulate and organise the movement of the Hobbit sequel out of New Zealand to somewhere in Eastern Europe.

They wanted to make a point and it looks like they have. The New Zealand film industry now appears to be on the edge of the abyss thanks to the grandstanding, sniveling wet left bullying of Peter Jackson.

The actors union wanted collective bargaining on future film contracts when this couldn't happen as it was an illegal practice due to New Zealand employment laws.

Their move has now cost the country the thick end of $500 million for the Hobbit movie and billions more for future movies that will no doubt end up being made in Europe.

As happened to this country from the 1950s to the 1980s and a pathetic resurgence by bully boy teachers unions today, the only outcome for the respective industries bullied by those unions are always negative for everyone concerned.

In the 1950s the Watersiders union brought the country to its knees, while every union had a go in the 1970s and 80s and had similar deleterious effects on the country and its economy.

The teachers union has brought the education system to its knees and The NZ actors union has now single handedly ruined the film industry here in a few short weeks of stupidity.

The very people unions profess to "look after", the workers, are the very ones who end up with the short end of the stick and the only winners seem to be the union heads who manage to get attention and make a name for themselves.

It seems the actors union are out of touch with the realities of the economy today and are stuck in a 1950s time warp that has no relevance today. We are suffering through the worst economic conditions in more than 70 years. They should feel extremely lucky to work at all.

Their selfishness has cost thousands of actors and technicians jobs now and into the future.

Pathetic, left wing bullshit.

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Monday, 11 October 2010

VIDEO: TVNZ Breakfast Overwhelmed with support for Paul Henry

The Breakfast team read out support for Paul Henry after he quit the show yesterday.

Paul Henry @ Political Animal

Beginning of the end for TVNZ Breakfast Show

Pippa Wetzell is a nice person, so am I, but Pippa really doesn't have the personality to carry the TVNZ Breakfast show.

Paul Henry did.

Of course he quit yesterday after his TVNZ bosses failed to back their employee over a barrage of nonsense from the sniveling wet, left wing media who were after Henry's head on a plate, after harmless comments made by the media star on air last week. The Herald and others in the mainstream media also went after Paul's elderly mother.

He even gave a full apology to placate the snivelers.

Paul had no choice but quit. He would have been censored by TVNZ if he returned and clearly he did the principled thing by walking. This way his personality is left intact and he will be able to move onto something else in the media if he choses to and if anyone else is brave and bright enough to hire him.

Henry gave the Breakfast show viewers, Pippa Wetzell will not.

He had a strong personality and was loved by most, even managing to put the nail in the coffin of its TV3 competitor Sunrise because they couldn't compete with a similarly bland offering.

The TVNZ show is going to plummet in viewership and surely cant survive now without massive input from taxpayer dollars.

The Henry saga really is a sad state of our way of life today. It is wider than just some guy on the box. It shows that the vocal, rabid left minority can get a taxpayer funded broadcaster to censor that broadcaster so that the content becomes "acceptable" to those with hypersensitivities and by those easily offended.

But do we really want our media to say what is just acceptable to a mad minority of our population?

What gives you the right to tell others what I should say or watch, or hear someone else say or watch.

We have fought wars in the past to stop this kind of fascist bullshit.

Fuck off back to Stalinist Soviet Union or book burning in Germany if you want to stop others from expressing their opinions.

Of course we could easily get around this whole problem if TVNZ was sold off to private enterprise but that aint going to happen any time soon.

I want my entertainment the way I want it, in 2010 with personality, harmless fun (boy are we missing that a little bit each day thanks to things like this) and the ability to speak and think freely without the heavy yolk of socialism (for that is what this is) weighing us down.

With that in mind lets bow out with a classic clip from Paul:

Paul Henry @ Political Animal

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Sunday, 10 October 2010

Why the NZ Herald is after Paul Henry

Why is the New Zealand Herald after Paul Henry?

Well, not just Paul but Michael Laws, John Key, or any other person they perceive as a right wing dog that might put a foot wrong in the eyes of the sniveling wet left and its "commentators" , bloggers and facebook groups.

They are doing it out of desperation.

In the face of bloggers from like Cameron Slater from Whaleoil, who have penchant to write from the lip from the street level of journalism, former national respected papers like the Herald are moving towards the tabloid end of town.

Cameron and his left and right mates you see are taking up a slice of the media that they want to occupy but they have found the going hard. In the race to the bottom in terms of journalistic integrity and standards the Herald and the mainstream media in general have failed to counter the immediacy and accuracy of the "alternative" media because they lack the ability for flexibility or simply don't have the balls (yet) to start ranting and raving with expletives and bad grammar that is often part of the blogosphere.

The Herald are on their Paul Henry crusade simply because it allows them the ability to get in amongst the new media and try and take some of their audience away.

They are failing though.

While Slater and his mates audiences are growing, the Herald and their mates are losing their audience and money.

Has anyone told them yet that you can blog for free through this format and others and tell people a story this way?

It doesn't take millions of dollars and hundreds of journos and all that cost.

It is a desperation bourne out of the mainstream media desperate not to lose shareholder moola or in the case of TVNZ, taxpayer moola.

Simple as that, and that dear reader is about as low as you can go.

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Paul Henry Video Collection: Indian Petrol Pump Attendant

Paul Henry on Indian petrol pump attendants.

Paul Henry Moments

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Saturday, 9 October 2010

Paul Henry Video Collection: Paul has Laughing Fit

In the light of the manufactured furore over what Paul Henry said earlier this week, I am going to post a series of Paul's "moments" from breakfast TV just to show you how idiotic he really can be.

Very funny

Paul Henry Moments

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Friday, 8 October 2010

Is Paul Henry a Dikshit?

Is Paul Henry a Dickshit?

The latest manufactured outrage from the left goes global.

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Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Is Joris De Bres' Racially Biased?

I am slightly amused by the big fuss made over wind up comments about Anand Satyanand made by TVNZ Breakfast host Paul Henry on his show yesterday. It really is a non story but it is being twisted by the sniveling left wing media because there is no alternative "news".

What really grabs me by the balls and gives them a big yank though is the response by the bloated Race Relations Commissioner Doris de Bres.

Henry apologised to the sensitive wee things that were offended but that wasn't good enough for Doris.

Doris said:

"...the apology was not good enough, and should be aimed at all New Zealanders.

"When you say, 'I'm sorry if I offended you', it makes it sound as though the person who was offended is at fault..."

When Hone Harawera called white folk "white motherfuckers" earlier this year Doris said this was part of his freedom of expression and was "....just Hone being Hone..." he sure is one cheeky little darkie ah bro!!

Hone apologised to any offense that might have been caused but also qualified that by saying the "sentiment" of his words he stood by.

I am not bothered by either Henry's comment or Haraweras, it is merely someones opinion and we can judge them based on that but get a grip on your taxpayer funded gravy train Doris!

If you are going to be given half a million a year to sit and pontificate, and get fat and lazy, at least look like you are being fair when you make your pathetic, racially biased decisions.

c Darren Rickard 2010

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