Friday, 8 October 2010

Is Paul Henry a Dikshit?

Is Paul Henry a Dickshit?

The latest manufactured outrage from the left goes global.

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  1. Yes Paul Henry is definitely a dikshit...much moreso than Sheila is I would say.
    And in regards to those comments of his it reminds me of when I was about 5 years old at school when kids used to often tease one another about their names...enough said eh.

  2. I think everyone needs to settle down about this. When your name is spelt DIKSHIT what do you expext in all honesty. Paul Henry has made fun of people of all races and cultures. Seems to me that the European/white male is about the only being capable of racism these days. I am sure Indians make racist remarks about New Zealanders although we do not hear about it. I personally think they are blowing this out of proportion in order to detract from their failed attempt at hosting the Common Wealth Games.

  3. Although mildly funny. Quite immature of him really.

    I know there are names in English which are Bocock and Cockburn, which are just as "funny", so really people should not see this as racist.

    He would have had just as much fun with those names.

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  5. Yep it is infantile, juvenile, all that and more but that is Paul.

    I have seen a reel of his "moments" from the show and they are all the same. They show no discrimination at all, especially when himself or someone else is making fun of HIM.

    I am I stitches watching some of his stuff. It appeals to my base sense of humour and I think usually my sense of humour is quite sophisticated.

    For the left to pump this up into something is really calling the kettle black stuff.

    It is actions rather than mere words that define a racist and while Henry's comments could cause offense to those looking to be offended they certainly dont deserve the media attention they are getting.

    It is small minded and the sign of a country that hasn't grown up.

    It also has the sad affect of closing down free speech to the extent that people will only be allowed to say what others want them to say.

    Well,democracy means you dont have a right NOT to be offended and even if I disagreed with what Paul Henry said I would defend to the death his right to say it.

    Our boys fought 2 world wars to allow us to speak freely for goodness sake.

    The hypocrisy also bothers me. India is one of the most racist countries in terms of treatment of some, so they certainly cant point a finger without it pointing it right back at them.

    Billy T is having a laugh about Paul wherever he is but he certainly wouldn't be laughing about the fallout.

    I feel I bit ashamed right now to be a Kiwi.