Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Ministry of Silly Walks

You may have heard or seen the Monty Python Sketch "Ministry of Silly Walks".

It is of course comedy and lampoons politicians and bureaucrats.

Well little did you know is that in NZ we have a commissioner of silly walks. He would command northwards of $200,000.00 and said this about a $11,000.00 "fact finding" tour overseas to see how other people walked.

"That's what you get from talking to individuals ... you can read their annual reports, which I did, but it doesn't give you the personal views and feelings of where things are at, the soft information and that's been very helpful"

Apart form the fact that there shouldn't be a ministry of silly walks has Mark Neeson not heard of the telephone?

New Zealand has countless numbers of these drop kick commissions, most of which you would have you rolling your eyeballs over the nonsense of them.

They all have heads making serious six figure incomes and also staff, offices and the attendant expenses.

Mr Neeson seems to take it all in his stride though.

Perhaps if we all developed silly walks with the help of a taxpayer grant we might be able to forget a particular recession we are having, which isn't that funny at all.

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