Monday, 28 March 2011

Paul Henry Video Collection: Air New Zealand In Flight Video

A great little Air New Zealand Made even better with the inclusion of Paul Henry. He is back baby and this is just the beginning. Richard Simmons is having a ball.

I wonder if Darren Hughes has been in touch?

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Darren Hughes Saga: A Question of Leadership

The issue over Darren Hughes and his sexual dalliances with young boys is more of a side issue if you can get over the image of a distressed, naked teenager running down the road away from Mr Hughes abode a few weeks ago.

What is at issue here as far as politics goes is Leadership and the failure of Phil Goff to be open and honest with first his own voters and then the New Zealand public at large.

Did he really think he could keep this quiet?

On that issue alone one would have to question his decision making on.

When you drill down further though there are also moral and honesty issues involved here.

What kind of leader tries to hide a sexual offense of a subordinate and then tries to deflect appropriate criticism brought on him by blaming the Government for "leaking the information to the media"?

Darren Hughes is also the chief whip of the Labour party, responsible for keeping Labour colleagues in line, how is he supposed to be the arbiter of good judgement if his leader allows him to trip the light fantastic all over the country with every teenage boy that takes his fancy?

Mr Goff has been aware of Darren's track record for hitting on teen boys as least as far back as Christmas 2009, where he hit on another boy at a Labour Party shindig so what on earth was Goff doing allowing Darren Hughes to continue in his role when there was so much evidence that Hughes was not fit for the job?

The answers he has given to defend his series of bad decisions just doesn't satisfy the public at large let alone Labour supporters.

Under pressure he has looked ineffectual, evasive, very uncomfortable and dishonest.

You have to ask yourself, is this a man you want leading your country post November 26?

Anyone for Gingernuts and a cup of tea?

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Friday, 18 March 2011

Roy Morgan Poll: 17 March 2011

Click on image for larger view

The Roy Morgan Poll out today shows the national juggernaut continues to steamroll Labour opposition.

This has continued a trend of polls since the 2008 election that have seen support for national remain at around or above 50% support - higher than their vote share for the 2009 election:

The latest New Zealand Roy Morgan Poll shows the Roy Morgan Government Confidence Rating has jumped 19 points to 133.5 with 59.5% (up 10%) of New Zealanders saying New Zealand is ‘heading in the right direction’ compared to 26% (down 9%) that say New Zealand is ‘heading in the wrong direction.’

At the same time support for John Key’s National-led Government is up 1% to 54.5%. Support for Prime Minister Key’s National Party is 52.5% (up 3.5%), the Maori Party 1.5% (down 1.5%), and ACT NZ 0.5% (down 1%).

Support for Opposition Parties is down 1% to 45.5% — Labour Party 32.5% (down 2.5%), Greens 8%, (unchanged), New Zealand First 4% (up 1%), Progressive Party 0.5% (up 0.5%) and others 0.5% (unchanged).

If a National Election were held today the National Party would easily be returned to Government.

It will be difficult for Phil Goff and the Labour Party to win the 2011 Election on November 26 and he must be wondering what he has to do to gain some traction with the public he clearly has little resonance with.

It looks like a bloodbath for Labour come November.

The Roy Morgan Poll -March 17 2011

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Monday, 14 March 2011

Len Brown leaves Manukau Council in a sea of debt

Accounts just out on Len Browns last 16 months as mayor of Manukau City show he spent at least 400 million dollars more than budgeted for.

It doesn't look good for the amalgamated Auckland City in respect to rate rises.

They might be rising twice the inflation rate for 2011-12 9 (twice as much as Len promised pre election)but they look set to rise higher than that in the coming years to pay for the debt that Len is going to rack up on our behalf.

Makes Dick Hubbard look like a great mayor.

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Lazy, Dangerous, Sunday Afternoon

There is a playground (more like an assault course really)we took our 20 month old girl to over last weekend that is in the mold of the playgrounds of old.

There is the slightest bit of danger present if you put a foot wrong or are too silly.

For the PC :

There is a BIG climbing structure made from rope, yes rope!

There is a water feature there that kids can participate in, yes water!

One set of swings is a massive pair that swings out over a sharply receding bank that if you get enough height your body wants to lift off and keep going at the top. Let go and you will be airboure 5 metres into the air!

Even the steps running down to the ground have to be carefully negotiated or you will tumble down a bank.

I remember a merry go round type thing in my old playground that you could spin around yourself to maximum revs (as fast as YOU could go) and if you got off too soon or someone got on with the wrong footing blood and guts would be the outcome.

This new playground is one of those! Even I am scared of the swing and was laughing like a kid using it.

Oh yeah, my girl didn't drown, hang herself or get launched into space because I was there to supervise - mental note how come my parents let us do all of this relatively unsupervised?

Kids learn alot from this sort of play. They learn about risk, adventure, discipline, boundaries and the possibilities they might bring latter on in life.

I think at least 50% of my fun was about how this thing was built in the first place considering the bubble wrapping most of us have been subject to, especially our kids.

Humans need danger to survive, especially children, so they can understand what that word means and that life is chock full of risks.

No I am not going to tell you where it is because seriously if one of you PC lot here about this, you would want to close it down.

Mental note 2: There are also trees you can climb at the bottom of the playground, BIG trees !

What a great 30 mins on a lazy Sunday that was :)

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