Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Labour Voters better off under Key

I wrote a post about our priminister John Key back in July 2008 that his success should be celebrated rather than used against him in a political way as it has been with the Labour Party, the rabid left media and Labour's mates in the unions.

No matter what you think of his politics John Key is a man that the "right" and "left" should aspire to be like. From humble beginnings living in State house with just his Mum bringing him up, to running a country that has had the worst global economic conditions for more than 70 years, natural disasters by the score and an opposition mired in the controversy of leadership challenges, sex scandals and the promise of economy wrecking massive high tax rates for all if it is lucky enough to be voted in this November, John Key has risen above the chaff and made what I think is a pretty good job of managing New Zealand Inc.

While I dont agree with most of his left of centre policies, his management of our economy has been laudable in the light of MMP politics and the Nats want to cosy up the the racism and welfarism of the Maori party that has had impacts in relation to keeping the huge unaffordable welfare net some have become used to. He has in short out leftied the sniveling left's socialist agenda the Labour party have tried to occupy and also managed to continue to capture the National vote to boot. No mean feat.

Mr Key is a likable man, for sure, but the reason for his current popularity goes deeper than that. Across the political sphere people can see that he has made a success of himself and even the rabid left media in this country from time to time see that admirable quality in him as a fighter, a quality that all of us as New Zealanders can relate and aspire to. To make a success of oneself no matter where one comes from and no matter what sort of family background that an individual is born into. This is a quality that supersedes politics and with Key as a shining example of this as our leader, the inspirational qualities of what he has achieved are clearly positive for us as a people and a good way forward for the future.

On this alone even those who traditionally vote for Labour and the left in general would be better off voting for Key. Policies that incentivise working rather than welfare and lower taxes for those who want to earn more are clear positives for the economy and our country and a good long-term future. Keys experience in knowing how an economy runs is in stark contrast to the Labour parties Robin Hood snatch and grab and a propensity to misunderstand even basic economics if it means there is a vote in it.

Labour have lost their way and its policies of envy and greed in the form of taxing those who work to give to others who don't and the growth of a much bigger Government is the last vestige of Socialism which the country needs and I believe wants to leave behind.

Let us celebrate the success of people like John Key, rather than being petty and envious. Remember if he can get where he has from his background of deprivation, anyone can.

That is what we should be voting for come November 26.

Think Bigger

- From | Think Bigger, By Michael Hill

Darren Rickard 2011

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