Friday, 2 September 2011

Chris Hipkins Fails his Constituents

Yes it was a big mistake not going after the scum in Farmer Crescent and evicting them from taxpayer housing after a cool million was spent through the courts but Chris Hipkins, local MP for this trash gets it seriously wrong when he points the finger at Housing NZ for causing havoc in the community:

"A million-dollar bill racked up trying to evict three women from their Lower Hutt homes would have been better spent on new homes or renovations, their local MP says.

"They could have built three new houses for that sort of money," Rimutaka MP Chris Hipkins said.

Despite winning a legal battle spanning five courts and more than two years, Housing New Zealand has pulled the pin on efforts to evict the women from Farmer Cres, Pomare.

The stoush had "torn the guts out" of the community, Mr Hipkins said.

Robyn Winther, Huia Tamaka and Billy Taylor were handed eviction notices after a violent incident involving Mongrel Mob members in Farmer Cres in February 2009. 2 Sept 2011

Chris by implication is really saying trash like Robyn Winther, Huia Tamaka and Billy Taylor should be allowed to waste their days away in taxpayer supported housing and benefits while their partners are out raping, drug dealing, killing and terrorising the neighbourhood.

With logic like that no wonder nobody is listening.

Wake up Chris you are failing the good people in your electorate by standing by this trash.

Think Bigger

Darren Rickard 2011

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