Thursday, 1 September 2011

Roy Morgan Poll: 1 September 2011

Oh dear oh well, how sad, never mind?

The latest Roy Morgan poll for September 1 2011 is out today and once again it confirms what other polls have been saying and that is Labour is headed for electoral oblivion:

The latest New Zealand Roy Morgan Poll shows support for Prime Minister John Key’s National-led Government is virtually unchanged at 56% (up 0.5%). Support for Key’s National Party is 52% (up 0.5%), ACT NZ 2% (unchanged), the Maori Party 1.5% (unchanged), and United Future 0.5% (unchanged).

Support for Opposition Parties is at 44% (down 0.5%) — Labour Party 29.5% (down 2.5%), Greens 9% (up 2%), New Zealand First 3.5% (down 0.5%), Mana Party 1% (up 0.5%) and Others 1% (unchanged).

If a National Election were held today the National Party would easily be returned to Government.

The latest New Zealand Roy Morgan Government Confidence Rating has risen 3.5 points to 131.5 with 59% (up 2%) of New Zealanders saying New Zealand is ‘heading in the right direction’ compared to 27.5% (down 1.5%) that say New Zealand is ‘heading in the wrong direction.’

You have to wonder what Labour is going to do to gain some traction?

Is it too late to ditch Phil Goff, they must be seriously contemplating it after this poll.

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