Friday, 28 October 2011

Len Brown's 2012 rate hikes cause for ratepayer revolt

Auckland mayor Len Brown is about to raise rates in Auckland by the level of inflation next year. The only problem is Lenny thinks inflation is going to run at 20% or more:

"Auckland Mayor Len Brown yesterday revealed plans for a single Auckland rating system which is generally kind to rural areas and businesses, but stings many households.

Mr Brown is expecting a "very noisy" response from suburbs such as Mt Eden, Mt Albert, Mt Roskill, Remuera and the eastern suburbs where thousands of households can expect an average 14 per cent to 16 per cent rise in rates next year.

Howick and the North Shore will pay increases of about 10 per cent next July.

Mr Brown is proposing a rates remission to cushion the blow for ratepayers whose increases next year are more than $400 or 20 per cent. But thereafter, those ratepayers will pay the full amount". NZ Herald

Lenny campaigned on keeping rates rises to the level of inflation but broke that promise this year when rates hikes were slightly above inflation and will smash through all fiscal barriers next year when rates will rise by the biggest margin in Auckland's history.

His free spending ways over his first year of incompetence would have added to the 2012 hike and he has done nothing to stick within budget at a time of economic uncertainty not seen since the Great Depression.

I am a North Shore ratepayer and will pay at least 10% more next year. The thing is this makes my hikes in just 1 year come in at just under 15%. I will simply not be able to live here if we have to pay these rises.

I advocate ratepayers refuse to pay their rates next year until Lenny sees the error of his ways, takes his head out of his backside and backs down on these massive hikes.

Come on Auckland, it is time to stand up to this robbery of our pockets, don't moan and fold, refuse to pay and send this little prick the message you want him to hear.


Lens contact details are:


09 3010101


  1. Yeah but Len is reducing my rates bill by 19% so I reckon he is the man! NOT.

  2. I would support a rates revolt. Sign me up. I am in Mt Roskill.

  3. I will be joining a revolt.

  4. Now that a possible Labour Govt wants to join in add me to your list.

  5. They reduce my house value but keep the rates the same. My house goes up to what it was before and they increase my rates. I would rather be robbed by a gunman than these bastards in suits.