Thursday, 27 October 2011

Phil Goff: Leader or deviant?

We need to be reminded that Phil Goff really isn't the sort of individual this country should have as its leader. in 2004 Phil advocated lowering the age of consent from 16 down to 12:

"Sex between children as young as 12 will be allowed under a New Zealand law amendment, arousing criticisms from the opposition party and educators, according to Sunday Star-imes Sunday.

The Crimes Amendment (No 2) Bill, which passed its first reading in Parliament in March and is now before the law and order select committee, updates laws regarding sex crimes that were passed in 1961.

The new law would allow a girl as young as 12, and a boy aged 12-14, to have sex with impunity.

The change would give New Zealand the dubious reputation of having the most liberal stance on sex in the developed world. Most western countries set the age of consent at 16, except France where it is 15". See China Daily for more

Any knuckle dragging moron will tell you if you lower standards in the way that Goff wanted to in 2004 then you lower the moral and legal bar and kick the door ajar for those individuals who like kids in a sexual way.

Disgusting and not leadership material.

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