Thursday, 27 October 2011

Phil Goff: Man Alone

Yet more evidence that Labour have no faith in their leader. This from the Granny today:

"Labour has revealed it will not hold a campaign launch or feature its leader Phil Goff on its billboards this election, prompting the first barbed exchange of the campaign between Prime Minister John Key and Mr Goff.

Instead, Labour marks the start of the campaign proper with the release of its savings policy today and its billboards will focus on policies, such as its anti-state asset sales message.

The campaign is in stark contrast to the National Party's more presidential-style campaign and previous Labour campaigns under Helen Clark.

National's billboards all feature Mr Key - for the party vote and for individual candidates. Mr Key was yesterday dismissive of the decisions, saying it was Labour's call on whether or not to hide away their leader.

"At the end of the day, you can't hide away if you're the Prime Minister of New Zealand."

He said while people do vote on policies, leadership is also important."

Labour's rationale that policies are paramount and therefore Goff is absent from billboards and other election material just don't ring true to most voters. What is clear from this direction is that the Labour Party as a group have little faith in their leader.

Man alone indeed.

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  1. I'll be your first comment ever: Labour is making the point that policy comes first. Good. Thats what every voter should want....Its not a fucking game show. Its risky (given that the large majority of the voting public know nothing about politics and so only react to a stupid smiling muppet face and populist bullshit) but it gets straight to the point and what is important. John Key's campaign is a fuckin sideshow, he doesn't even declare any policy - Too scared?

  2. Cliffy, I have just got this blog going again after a year off and don't have as many visitors as I used to. Unluckily for me we get the first comment for a while from someone who clearly defies the theory of evolution. Well done, next you might try two fingers to type.

  3. THAT'S your rebuttal? hahahahah

  4. YEs!! 3 days Cliffy and traffic (and comments) have gone up considerably. I think I will call you Kermit from now on. Hoping about from website to website looking for things to be envious and jealous of.

  5. Anon above seems to be one of those rare individuals these days. Someone from the left that can almost make a point. Almost.

  6. He is probably one of those Labour Party hacks employed by the party to support Phil on social media and blogs. You have to watch out for the plants Dazza!