Friday, 4 November 2011

Show me the Money: Labour hides borrowing & additional taxes

The political intrigue over Phil Goff's failure to accurately cost his election promises came to a head a few days ago at a Wednesday debate when John Key asked Goff to "show him the money".

Even the rabid left's John Armstrong is having a go at him over this serious leadership failure.

Goff had been found seriously wanting as his increased spending to buy an election win showed the flaws on the Labour election balance sheet. The increased debt exposure Goff that the Labour Party would put the country in at a time when debt used in the wrong way is looked at very suspiciously by our lenders and whoever leads us needs to tread the debt boards very carefully should we end up like Greece or the USA.

The billions of extra spending Goff has been campaigning on will come via borrowing from Mums and Dads in China and as there is still an unexplained gap after what Labour say they will borrow, Labour will do what they have always done and introduce a slew of news taxes on the middle classes and those "rich pricks" that Labour hammered in their previous 9 years in Government.

The only problem is there is still a massive gap in funding after the borrowing and funds raised from increased taxes and the only two conclusions the public can come to are that they will have to borrow more than indicated or what is more probable hit Kiwis with undisclosed new taxes or increases in current tax rates.

Phil Goff says he will show us the money today but his credibility must be looked at more than a little askance because one would have to ask why haven't these costings and important figures been calculated before promises were made? He says they have been but it has taken 2 days so far to produce his costings but so far not a sausage.

The public awaits to see with interest what this economic magician can pull out of his hat but judging on this latest incident should voters be putting their trust in someone with their hard earned taxpayer dollars whose maths would have 1+1 equal 3?

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