Tuesday, 22 November 2011

TV3 Leaders Debate: "Worm" panel stacked with Labour Party Activists

John kingi and Jacinda Ardern

How low will Labour stoop to gain power November 26?

Well, watching the worm turn on TV3s leaders debate last night, every time Goff started talking the worm got a stiffy and turned limp when Key spoke. This was regardless of what was being said.

You could tell something was wrong.

Turns out there is an answer to this anomaly.

Labour party activists and insiders were members of the panel. The worm panel were supposed to be 60 undecided voters but instead TV3 either intentionally or unintentionally stacked the wormies with Labour voters.

Moral of the story?

Biased, stacked "worm debates" may have given Goff a personal boost but voters don't feel the same if opinion polls are anything to go by and who can trust a party who tries to manipulate polls and debates by using their activists to slant things.

Goff should also remember that worms feed on corpses.

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  1. Big stretch there pal. 3 out of 65 is hardly "stacked". Obviously you're motivated to see something that reason would not. As an explanation for the worm it is a poor one and you have to look else where for the trend.
    However, questions do have to be asked of the recruiting company as to why they didn't provide an audience of uncommitted voters.

  2. How do you know there were only 3 labour plants there?

  3. I am with anon number 2. The worm can be put aside completely because of political interference by Labour. Bet there were way more than 3 labour knuckle draggers in attendance.

  4. How about Paul Henry in the panel? Remember when he ran for National in 1999?

  5. Don't point out Paul Henry, you are only allowed to make observations that count against Labour

  6. Well, the deep bias coming from TV3 and jug ears had to be countered.