Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Help Little Sophia

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I had a stroke 5 years ago and lost everything at once My life my family my job my wife.
After years of trying to get my daughter back, I find myself in the position of asking others to help me.
It has cost me $50,000 so far and it looks like it going to cost me at least another $50,000.
I havent seen my daughter over the last 4 years for more than about 20 days in total.
Previously Sophia and me had been very close. We did everything together. Now her mum has been fighting me over access..
I don't want this to happen as there is only one person it really hurts - Sophia.
I want it to stop and for the interested parties to sit down around a table and talk.
Lawyers fees (THE BULK OF IT) and psychological and physiological reports and other costs.
Thank you :)

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