Tuesday, 8 August 2017

The Left

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What is it with Metiria Turei and her wanton lust for power at all costs?

Well one only has to look slightly down the hallway towards a wall of shiny teeth to see the answer to that.

Jacinda Adern is simply just flaky. Shes processed, manufactured and young, too young to run a country. For fucks sake shes the spend, spend, spend, spend, spend.... leader whereas Helen Clarke was the spend, spend spend leader.

Jacinda has not finished yet. She will spend your money like it was printed.

When Turei stole money and then committed electoral fraud that was one thing. To then come out and defend her position in such a bald faced way is simply deigning the obvious.

She has ripped off you, me and all the other hard working kiwis who see the benefit as a hand up. NOT a handout for as long as you need it'

She has also taken a lot of support with her but she undeniably has damaged the Green brand.

The majority of her support is now looking for a place to put their votes.

May I suggest David Seymour . A man with obvious talent. 

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